Windows 8.1/7 to 10 upgrade is 100% Free!

You get that upgrade 100% Free as long as you upgrade within a year of Windows 10’s release.
Win 8/7 pro gets win10 pro, Win8/7 home whatever edition just gets Windows 10 home, that sort of thing!

That’s pretty great, but I’m still on the edge concerning Windows. On Windows, everything pretty much works out of the box, and you don’t have to worry about a program not running on your OS. However, there are several annoying things about Windows:

  • The stupid updates that for some reason have to be installed right when you want to reboot.
  • You can’t rm -rf directories whose paths are greater than 255 characters (really annoying for Node apps with lots of nested node_modules
  • Some other things that I can’t think of… :wink:

Anyway, I’ll probably dual-boot Win10 and Ubuntu :slight_smile:


I’ve downloaded Windows 10, and am trying it on a VM. I tried the installer earlier, and it instantly froze my system. Haven’t had the time to make sure it’s not because of some setting I created.

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But why it says “This limited time upgrade”? It means that the trail will end?

I said.

There you go.

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The thing says “not a trial”

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If you don’t download/install it during the “limited time” period you might not be able to use the offer anymore and need to get a license.

oh no my 1 byte per second internet won’t make it in time


Be warn they may make Windows 10 a monthly subscription after everyone has it installed all ready.

I’m not sure where you heard that, but I can nearly guarantee that’s bullshit. If they turn Windows 10 into a monthly, subscription-based software, they can kiss sales goodbye (and they know it). Not to mention that it’s entirely impractical.


Just wondering could I just use an old windows 7 key. And install it clean on an old disk? I really want to play GTA V :frowning:.

GTAV runs on Windows 7.

Well I already have tried windows 7. But not windows 10 you see. Whats the point in installing something you have already tried to use xD.

Ah. You’re on a pure Linux system? I dual-boot for my games. :smile:

Indeed. Linux serves all my needs. Except for some games… .
Although I have foreseen that I maybe would need windows again:

Prob windows will not be happy with that space, But I will squeeze it in their … . (ongebruikt == unused, I couldn’t find a way to run gparted in english. /dev/sdc4 is my old linux installation when I was still “trying it”).

I will not download it because they removed Windows Media Center. I need it for Live TV.

VLC Media Player or wait for the optional download


That’s more than enough, especially if you only intend to use it infrequently.

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More than enough, until you start windows update ? XD

In all reality though, the OS download’s 3ish 6ish gigabytes

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