WorldEdit and WorldGuard implemented

In my opinion WE and WG have to be implemeted in Sponge

Why? The goal is to outsource everything possible to plugins!


It’s unlikely that these plugins will be added to the core of sponge, but as the main coder for WG and WE is working on this project, these plugins will probably run a bit more efficiently on sponge than they did on bukkit.

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What if someone doesn’t want to use them?
They’ll still be there using up resources.

No plugin should be included in the actual sponge .jar, if you want any plugin you can download it.


@sk89q could use a lazy-loading system, meaning they are only loaded if needed.

increase the jar size, no thanks

How difficult would it be to have the optional features inside optional class files within the jar, if they are not included they aren’t loaded and as such not needed. Then to have a script on the download page allow you to customize your download, only including the optional classes you want?

No, just no. They are plugins, and they should (and will) stay that way.

If you’re too lazy to download two .jar-files and put them into the plugins-folder, that is your problem, but if you think that because of your laziness those two should be added to Sponge, you should really start being less selfish.


I can agree with that, although allowing whole plugins to be embedded in the server jar would be a cool feature.

No, the idea behind a Plugin- or Mod-API is to not add any new gameplay-features to the game’s jar, but instead only add the ability for others to create additional content that is not installed into the jar.

I was thinking more for mod (or plugin) packs, where the user could download one jar, already containing Forge, Sponge, and a bunch of plugins. The plugins could still be placed in the plugin folder instead. Ie. just using the executable as a container instead of downloading a server environment inside a .zip for a pack of plugins. This is not a game changing feature, although it may need to be part of forge not sponge.

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This. We need this.

Also, I need to point out WorldEdit already works with Forge. No need for them to recode it.


And it would have exactly what effect?
It would have no effect on performance or package size. All it would do is save like 3 clicks for some lazy-asses who think saving 3 clicks for the users would justify weeks if not months of additional work for the developers.

I see no point in this. They are plugins, and should remain that way.

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Ok Here a Pro and Contra list:
No plugin installation
BETTER WORLD EDITING API (i’m a plugin developer too)
Implemeted World Editing

Jar Size will be increased
More Updates
… More Soon …

That could be solved by just using a WorldEdit API and requiring it as dependency. No plugin installation seems invalid. Updates will take longer, because sponge and WE and WG have tho be updated. I personally don’t even use WG and it would really get on my nerves to have it included int the jar by default.

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Would it be that difficult to also check within a folder within the jar for plugins using the same posses used to check the external folder? And 3 clicks on a commandline only linux implementation, not thou ssh, so you cannot copy and paste URL’s is actually like 10 minutes of typing URL’s that you are reading from your phone’s screen because the next nearest internet enabled device with a gui is back a home. So yah, not that difficult an implementation to make, and totally worth!

Worth for you who just has a crappy system, a pain in the ass for everyone who doesn’t want them. And don’t tell me to put several downloads on the page, one without the plugins and some with. It would be totally unreasonable to put up multiple download links for several plugin combinations some people might want.

Additionally, it wouldn’t be that easy because there is no infrastructure to check for plugins within Sponge’s jar-file (because plugins are seriously not supposed to be there), so that whole infrastructure would have to be coded.

Ok, fair enough, I’ll show myself out, thanks for playing devils advocate (this is the point of discussion).