Xodus: Sponge Testing, Help Wanted

Xodus - Departing to the future of Minecraft Servers!

As you already know I am hosting and running the sponge test server Xodus. I am currently looking for a few casual folks to donate some of their time in the current positions:

  • Web Site Builder - I am using Wordpress with the theme Divi,
    but that can change depending on your own preference.

  • Duties: Just make a decent site that explains who we are, what sponge is and how to contribute to this awesome project (both in code and donations)

  • Artist - Id like to have a depiction like the exodus in the bible with Moses parting the red sea. But with Spongie portraying Moses and a Spigot pouring in 1 half of the divided sea and a bucket pouring in the other.

  • Tester - try to break EVERYTHING I will give you sftp access for server logs as well as web panel access to bring the server back up upon crashing.

  • Duties: Break plugins and test every little detail. All the while grabbing Stack Traces and reporting them to their respective sites (github issues/forum threads). This includes Sponge Plugins and Forge Mods!

  • Administrator - Someone to help me make sure the servers stay up, the players get the features they need and to grant privileges when necessary to various users (Plugin Devs/Sponge Devs/Mod Authors)

  • Duties - Your an admin, you should know whats entailed!

(Also, Im not imposing any religious beliefs nor am I really religious myself. Its just a depiction of an epic story of exodus)

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@Kenyan is a Wordpress aficionado.

I wish I could help but I am busy with another project, if you need any tips or anything like that let me know :wink:

History of Sponge, take a look there:

and there:


I can admin, 'bout all i can do on my phone. (I still have telnet details i think)

I can be a tester if needed.

I’d dedicate a bit of time. Tester or admin, whichever you need more.

I’m thinking I would like to be an admin on the server (and tester if for some reason admins don’t get SFTP). I’ve had experience administering a server before, but this should be a little different since we’re inviting people onto the server to break stuff.

Thanks for all the replies and interest guys! Ive pmed you all the info you need for your roles. Also I need to show you how everything is set up so please join me on teamspeak at some point @ xodus.us.to

I could dedicate some hardware resources/extra mc servers. I have about 4 cores and 16GB RAM that aren’t used at all at my server. In case you need or have interest, just pm me.

Ive actually got plenty of hardware. However the more the better. Maybe we will collaborate and make a themed server of some sort. i.e. Skyblock (if ex nihilo updates) or maybe a pvp server

Notice to all Admins: I have installed RealVNC server on the host. We can now have simultaneous logins. Just use RealVNC Viewer with the same Username/Password you used for RDP