Your workspace - How do you like to work?

i’m interested as to how you spongies (spongians? spongemen? i could just say people) like to set up your station to start working those finger muscles into a 9-hour project. personally i just like to sit down anywhere with a laptop and start typing while having some random youtuber in the background noise during my work, since i really can’t work efficiently at home without having some form of background noise (the extreme quietness is distracting). maybe i could change mine a little bit to be more efficient by basing it off of some of yours .w.

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I have an defissuer and laptop, that’s all the noise I have, Then again I do more website coding then anything else as I love to do that stuff.

honestly i don’t understand how people work in absolute quiet
drives me insane most of the time and i /have/ to have some noise; if i don’t have the internet i have nature and a really long extension cord originating from my room

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if the defissuer in my room made no sound I be driven made, if I had to leave my room to code, I would be freezing right now #tofarupnorth

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The following must be present for me to be in the ‘coding’ mood:

  • Music (From movies mainly, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Hobbit, Star Wars, etc)
  • Mid-level lighting (I have a smallish lamp that does this wonderfully, can not code when too dark or bright)
  • Soda-Pop (Sundrop from the Carolina’s, if not then a Mountain Dew)
  • No Distractions (I code after people go to bed for this reason)

As far as my IDE is concerned i use Eclipse and it looks like this:

i’d love to be able to use that kind of dark theme if the rest of the window wasn’t so poppy white
i have a preference for dark themes mainly because it looks better, but also because i like having my eyes and not causing them strain.

and usually if its not a school day i’m naturally nocturnal (well not naturally, but you get what i mean) so i’m usually up when everyone’s asleep; the distraction thing isn’t a problem for me ;3;

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My solution to the awful brightness Make it as small as possible!! I have tried to modify the windows theme to make my windows black, and well… eclipse didn’t agree with it too well. :stuck_out_tongue:

i wish it had that zen mode thing like github has where it just removes everything from the screen except the typing area
oh how perfect my life would be

I recommend looking at Sublime Text 2. It can compile, and do a few things (though it’s not a full blown IDE). And it has a zen mode, and can do a lot of really really cool things.

i saw zen mode and immediately went to google.
google told me it had a free trial before having to pay for it.
sad miru.

i’m fine with eclipse as-is though; and i don’t think i’ll really be trying to get myself used to another IDE unless it has the same features and same keyboard shortcuts, if not customizable. those’re the two things i really like about eclipse. thanks for pulling it up, though .3.

I’m not picky. I generally work on my laptop or netbook, rarely my mobile in a pinch. At home maybe I’ll put on some classical music, otherwise whatever ambeint noise. On the computer side of things: vim in tmux.

ooh, spritefonts.
i guess i can check that out too mainly because it looks so clean

i’ve tried working on my phone before.
not happy. messed up my project somehow with it and i’ve avoided doing code-related things on my phone besides research since then ;=;- plus i don’t have a phone the size of a galaxy so its a little hard to type in with such a small keyboard.

n900 :smile:

ssh then tmux att and it’s the same, just a smaller screen and a thumb keyboard. Slow, and less than ideal, but can be enough to get an idea down if it hits me while out.

As long as I have f.lux & eclipse installed, I’m good to go.

In the last month or so I installed f.lux, and now it sucks to use computers at night without it. Basically, it changes the color of your monitor to match well with the time of day or something. I have it installed on my phone as well (jailbroken), and I love it. For eclipse, I don’t really like it but I’ve used it for over 2 years so I’m adapted to it.


grabbing f.lux. now.
i love this kind of customization stuff and its really handy since i like to scale my brightness a lot with how much light i have. nice find .3.

Yea, it’s pretty great. Warning, it’s hard to get rid of since you adjust so easily to it.

i kinda forgot i installed it.
its effects are on.

“easily” is an understatement

Generally have some sort of music or most often a twitch stream up on one computer then on another I have my ide, and a shell prompt, then on another one I have whatever documentation I might need. I tend to go with a dark theme all the way around on all the computers.

i used to use twitch streams but i’m more used to opening a new tab to type “y” then press enter to head to youtubs and find a random youtubser to use as my background noise.

dark themes are best themes. better eyes and it matches my laptop’s full-black color scheme so it goes well with that too.

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IntelliJ IDEA. Music. Some algerbra ii homework I can take a break on. Blender. Kdenlive. Game of PSG vs some suckish team in the background (go France)

Edit oh yeah and a bowl of rice and a bag of doritos plus a cup of water and some candy or chocolate

And a soccer ball at my feet

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