[Abandoned] 🔑 PermissionManager [v3.0.1] [API 5.X] A simple and easy permission plugin


I am using BuyCraft to handle my donations. I want to have it so that upon donation, BuyCraft runs a command to change the rank of the player who donated to the donor rank. What commands do i use with buycraft that will allow for this? I am using Nucleus. Thanks!


I have never used BuyCraft, but you want à command to give à group to someone?


Yes, I’ve been using the ingame /pm menu or manually editing the file to edit perms / groups, but wasnt aware of any commands to change a user’s rank


All the commands https://github.com/djxy/PermissionManager-2.0/wiki/Eng-—-Commands


PermissionManager 2.5.2

  • English
    • bStats has been integrated to PermissionManager. @BtoBastian
  • Français
    • bStats a été ajouté à PermissionManager.

Note: This update will help me to know who use my plugin.

If you could give me 30 seconds of your time it will be nice.




I’m happy to see you using bStats. :slight_smile:
However I would be very thankful if you don’t change the location of the config file. The location should be the same for every server and should not differ depending on the plugins the server uses. Furthermore bStats requires the location to be the same for every plugin in order to work properly. Otherwise the synchronisation with other plugins which use bStats wouldn’t work anymore.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, but the problem is the API. With API 4.2.0, I can’t save it where you save it with API 5.0.


Ok, I didn’t know this.
I’ll check it tomorrow and try to publish a version which is compatible with 4.2, too :slight_smile:


The code I have works with API 4.2.0 and 5.x


This version is fully compatible with Sponge 4.2.0, too. I would be very glad if you can use this class for your next plugin version. :slight_smile:


No problem. I will update that.


I am having a problem where one of my members is unable to run the /help command. my main account (opped) and secondary test account (not opped, default rank on server) are both able to run it. Any thoughts as to what this might be from? Also, even though I have granted the perm node for /back, this person is also unable to run that command. Both instances are returning the error that they dont have permissions.


Not meaning to hijack the thread here, but if you’re running both Nucleus and Project Portals, Project Portals takes over the back command by default, so you need to make sure you’re granted the permission for the correct plugin (or disable PJP’s back module)

Sorry @djxy, just wanted to make sure you didn’t go looking for a bug that doesn’t exist!

MMCPrefix [1.2.1] - A Simple Custom Prefix Handler [API 5.1 + 7]

@dualspiral No problem.

@CainSeldon When you have a problem with à permission, you should use the debug mode and check the console. You will see which permission is tested when you send à command or do any action that require à permission.


PermissionManager 2.5.3

  • English
    • bStats has been updated.
  • Français
    • bStats a été mis à jour.

If you could give me 30 seconds of your time it will be nice.



Do i use permissionmanager to block the use of certain items (tnt,lava/water buckets?) if so how do i do this?


No, to do this you have to use a plugin that restrict the use of these items.


My prefixes won’t seem to be appearing can i get some help?


Do you use a plugin to display the prefixes?


Hello. Is there a way to give a Groupe a Prefix for the Chat?
example: “[Admin] “Name”:,[Member] “Name”:”

Please help me. :slight_smile:
If there is a Command for that, then i dont found that one.