[Abandoned] 🔑 PermissionManager [v3.0.1] [API 5.X] A simple and easy permission plugin


Yes, you have to use a plugin that handle the prefixes and after that you set the option for the prefix.


have you maybe a name of a plugin with that function?


Nucleus can display the prefixes.


Don’t mind me peeping through ancient comments, but ‘a bit easier’ is an understatement :joy:


We have been updating our pixelmon server from 1.7.10 to 1.10.2, and we LOVE PermissionManager. We used to use PEX, but the interactive menu makes everything flow and just overall simpler. However, we are still in the Beta phase of our server, and since we used to use PEX, we need to convert everyone over from PEX to PermissionManager. I personally do not mind sitting there for an hour or so typing out names and ranks to add them, but PermissionManager does not allow me to set groups of users who have not yet logged in. We are rebuilding the map on a Beta server, and it would be easiest for everyone if I could update the players ranks before being released to the public. That way we do not get 10903109 support tickets about missing ranks over the next few months.

Can support be added for editing users who have not yet logged in?


I plan to create a converter for PEX. So, you won’t have to recreate everything. Currently, the only way to do this, you will have to create a file with the UUID of the player and edit the file. It will be the only way to do this if the player has never been on your new server.


Can you help me? Please join my server for the help:) . play.medievalcraft.nl 1.10.2 Pixelmon 5.0.0


I can’t join your server, I dont have access to my computer for the next week.


Hello,I like this plugin very much and I’m translated into chinese.https://github.com/NucleusPowered/Nucleus/issues/586
I want to share this plugin in MCBBS.Can you agree with me?


Send me the translation and I will update it tonight.

You can share it, but you have to add the Github link https://github.com/djxy/PermissionManager-2.0


@djxy He posted the translations on Nucleus’ issue tracker instead, at the link he provided - I closed the issue, but it’s all there.


Perfect. @zsn741656478 dont send me the translation, I Will get the one you posted on Nucleus issue tracker.


PermissionManager 2.6.0

  • English
    • Chinese translation added.
    • Added a custom chart to bStats.
  • Français
    • Traduction chinoise ajoutée.
    • Nouvelle statistique ajoutée.




It’s there a way to prevent players from building (place / break a block)?


Yes, it depends to plugin you use, but if you dont know the permissions you can use the debug mode.

Open the debug mode and then break and place à block. You will see on the console the permissions tested.


Huge thanks for your rapid reply !!!

I’m planning on default all player as ‘observer’ group, and ‘observer’ shouldn’t be able to build in all world.

Currently digging around plugin release posts, but no idea where to look…

Any suggestions how to achieve this? A keyword will do just fine?


Can you let him use for MYSQL?We need!:sob:


@AlexLeoTW you should create à default group named observer. This group wont have the permission to build and all the new players will be by default an observer.

Also, you could check the wiki.

@zsn741656478 I’m currently working on the new version of PM and the database support has been added.




Hi, could you add a feature, which is able to prevent players in “default group” from placing, destroying and interaction? As the GroupManager has an option named “build=true/false” in every single group, which controls a group whether to place, destroy and interact in the entire server.

For example, I think the feature is better than using the WhiteList to deal with the newcomers.

With the feature, newcomers could at least join the server to see how it looks like though they can not do anything except moving around. Compared to the WhiteList, newcomers would be stopped by the WhiteList outside the server entirely.

What’s more, the feature would make full use of the “default group” of PermissionManager, as it could act as the WhiteList but is better than the WhiteList. :blush: It is more suitable and pleasant for newcomers than using the WhiteList, which avoids them joining the server entirely.

I would appreciate it if the useful feature would be added. :smile: By doing so, I would not have to combine a permission system with a region protection plugin any longer in order to carry out the feature. The feature is really convenient and practical for most server owners and some certain situations! :slightly_smiling_face: