ALPHA 🐱 CatClearLag(ClearLag for sponge)

This is my first sponge plugin, so bear with me :smile_cat:.This is a WIP plugin that brings the features of the Bukkit plugin ClearLag to Sponge.
Currently it is not configurable at all, and the only thing it does at the moment, is remove items that are on the ground every 10 minutes. I haven’t tested this plugin yet, so feel free to do so and report any bugs on github.
You can download the alpha version here: [Link].
Feedback is appreciated :smile_cat:.


There’s a similar plugin, but was discontinued. I wonder if it works the same?

Not sure, the source code isn’t open source but I think they were making a plugin like ClearLag as well.

A broadcast in chat would be great for this! Items on ground will be removed in 30 seconds… That way players at least know when it is going to happen. Also a color on it would help make it noticable

As I said, it’s my first plugin. Still figured out spongeAPI :smiley_cat: .

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I used to request such plug-in, if possible, please refer to it

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AI & Mobs cause a lot more lag then items do.

A possible enhancement would be to remove the AI of mobs which are currently trapped in mob farms, and periodically check if the AI should be re-enabled. A bit like hibernation.


That’s a pretty neat idea. Got my support

in pixelmon mod config, mod lets you to edit distance that mobs will be spawn near a player
also u can change how many pokemons will be spawn…
i didnt tried anything with usual mc mobs but there should be some settings…

Version 0.4.1 is now released.
You can download it here: Release Version 0.4.1 · Time6628/CatClearLag · GitHub

Still working on getting configuration stuff done, for now it clears items every 10 minutes, and gives warnings 30 and 60 seconds before clearing the ground items.

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Keep learning and improving :slight_smile:

I’ve just grabbed a ton of books and stuff to read before I watch through some YT vids on learning java.
Want to step up and help out a bit more with things :slight_smile:

Update 0.5:

  • Removing entities with commands will now display how many where removed
  • Configuration is finally done
  • Various other changes.

Awesome! I’ll try this out one one of my servers :slight_smile:

Update 0.5.1:
Fixes everything that broke in 0.5.

Adding a Whitelist so that some items don’t get removed. Like the Applied Energistics crystals that need to be thrown in water to grow.

@TimetTheCat Hello, I love the idea of catclearlag, However I would actually love to see there be a customization for the text displayed such as saying Clearing all server item entities in 10 minutes etc. I would also love to see there be more commands with your plugin i would rather the commands start out with /ccl, now for command examples /ccle (forces a removal of entities right then), /cclm (forces cleansing of hostile mobs), /cclc (forces cleansing of high lag chunks), /cclf (forces a cleansing of all entities/mobs/chunks), I would also like to see a command for reloading this plugin within game, /ccl reload. I hope this isnt to much to ask and i really do hope you can implament this thanks for taking your time to read this and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Custom messages will be in the next update. Sounds like you are using a super old version of the plugin as well, as this thread is old.

Where is the more up to date version?

im using version 0.6.5