I need a plugin to reduce server lag

We all know that server lag is as lower as better
I hope I need plug-ins can have the following functions:
1.Clean up the drops regularly
2.Clean up the crowded mobs(For example, there is a lot of sheeps in a chunk, kill them, and to control them in four or five)
3.Detect the high frequency redstone in server(If detected immediately clean up near the redstone, disconnect them.and report place the redstone player’s ID to administrator)

  1. [DISCONTINUED] [Lag Remover] [4.0.0+] TwentyTicks - Clearlag, but simpler

I was using this plug-in, but he won’t continue, so I hope someone can write 1, 2, 3 are included plug-in

I have to say, anything that can control mobs by numbers and id would be wonderful. I am tired of those clutters of 20 squids at the same chunk.

Should be able to disable squid spawning with sponge itself

Yes but I don’t want to remove squids altogether - I can already do that with Polis as well, only for the admin claims. I’d prefer global settings so you can set the cluttering of mobs (both aggressive and passive) to your preferred value.

Working on it :smiley: ALPHA 🐱 CatClearLag(ClearLag for sponge)