Architecture overview

I posted this on the “Learn more” document, but I imagine that not everyone has seen it.

Here’s a graphical overview of what Sponge “is.”

The general overview

What we build

How we maintain cross-version compatibility

What’s open source

Where Bukkit fits

Where Forge mods and hMod plugins fit


Is the “LearnMore” document the “FAQ”?

Would be cool if somebody also updates the Forum Guidelines :wink:


Sponge for Glowstone - We build this.

Does this mean that the Sponge team themselves will build the implementation with SpaceManiac, or that the current contributors (myself included) will help out with the building of it?

We’ll see what we can do.

It’s going to come down to who has what time when I think.

Nice representation of the model. I’m sure a lot of people will find this helpful when wanting to learn more about what the project aims to do.

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We still need a way of discouraging the use of inclduing the implementation as a dependency like was popular in Bukkit

Very nice overview :wink:

Why? I understand it could break during a minecraft update, but it’s the only way to access features that aren’t covered by the API. And considering the underlying implementation uses forge I’d say it’s a very powerful asset for more experienced developers. I say don’t limit or discourage that.

Well the api should cover anything you can do with the minecraft server. I saw many people using craftbukkit because they did not find (search) a fitting api method

Thanks for making this. Great visual.

I was kinda worried that Sponge Plugins would interact with Minecraft Forge and Minecraft classes, however seeing that shows eases some of my worries and makes me feel better about how my MinecraftRuby pet project could fit into this.