Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Dumb Answer


I think it's Spades this hand.

When do fish sleep?


When Gyarados eat em all!

wherefore art thou Romeo?


Waiting for you to get off that goddamn balcony. What's the difference between capitalism and communism?


There's a nail missing.

Did I imagine it?



Why can't I have a 1D map?


Because we are 3D beings.

Where's the caveman?



Who is superior: god or God?


I am a dog.

Is violence a question?


No. Its a questionable answer.

When is Sponge completed?


Wait until I finish drying my coffee with and it should be done.

Why did I reverse my coffee :frowning: ?


Because the Euclidean theorem of independent Pythagorean fields states that if a coffee is so reversed, it becometh greater than before.

Can such a reversed coffee thus be re-reversed, thus becoming simply versed?


Verily, vice aversed in verse reverts the version.

Can you play the cacophone?


:birthday: :telephone_receiver:
Yes, I can play the cake-o-phone.

If you can bake it, can you make it?


No. Counter example from my pet pig, Piggy:

I'm bacon, but I can't make bacon. I'm too short to reach the stove, and even if I could, my goose bacon would be cooked. That's bacon but not makin'.

Why did Piggy green all over?


To get to the other side.

Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?


It's you, caught in a landslide, with no escape from reality..

Why did you kill that man?


He claimed Bukkit was better than Sponge.

What's the difference between H2 and MySQL?


One is H2, and the other is MySQL, not yours.

What are aluminium cans made out of?



What shape is FLARD usually in?


Sometimes plasma, other times dirhombic, yet other times icosahedronal, but usually [REDACTED].

If horses are part of nature, can a kick from a horse be called a force of nature?