[TEMP] NuVotifier for API7 (1.12.1+)

Unofficial fix for API 7.0.0 NuVotifier

Since the developer for NuVotifier is MIA at the moment, here’s an unofficial fixed build of NuVotifier.

UPDATED WITH BUGFIX: nuvotifier sponge api 7.jar - Google Drive

All rights go to the original author of NuVotifier, and this thread will/can be removed at the request of the plugin’s author.

If you’re still having issues, try using this guy’s version:


Consider this a request for source, as well as a PR to the original.

Consider it done.

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@Unstablecraft ^ Husky has ported it for you.

Unstablecraft was the reason why this was updated, so no need to ping him, he’s already seen it.

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i paid codehusky for the port due to a lack of api7 plugins

cudo’s to codehusky for this quick fix

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Doesnt seem to work. Thank you for looking into an API7 version tho

Here what I get in my console. when a vote gets made.

It’s a slight problem, it will be resolved in a few minutes.

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@Unstablecraft @Whazaaaaa Fixed issue

If you’re still having issues, try using this guy’s version:

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his version seems to only work with HIS vote plugin. personally i think his plugin is nearly abandoned as it contains alot of bugs and hasnt seen any fixes in awhile. while AurionVoteListener [2.4] - #34 by Mineaurion seems to be active yet no version of votifier seems to work with it…

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Hi I am confused with all this will this voting plugin give rewards for the voting system? or do I need yet another plugin for that also?

As of today, 8/29/2018, curscascis says his Serious NuVotifier and SeriousVote plugins are up to date, actively maintained, and working for Sponge APIs 4, 5, 6, and 7. He also says that anyone who needs help should contact him using the Discord he links to on his SeriousVote page.