Bardic Extrapolation (Rime of the Ancient Sponge)


Optic Profunctor Tricontravariant Instantiation Error: Third Eye Not Found

Riddle of the River

Mere mist gives way to rain
Mud a minor impediment
Captured in nooks of terrain
Subtly shifting the sediment

We often redirect the flow
By drain, canal and culvert
Harnessed by humans to show
Natural forces we subvert

Technology has it’s limits
The weather calls our hubris
At the limit of our wits
We cannot control all this

Cascades coalesce together
The torrent’s power is shown
The riddle of the river:
Water is stronger than stone


<Blue Fred> you should update this to add 1.13 features eventually
<LanToaster> ... 1.13 isnt even out yet.

Incompatible? Inconceivable!

Hacking the configuration
To fit in all the content
Not without trepidation
Like skating on wet cement

Naked lands, too many trees
Biomes missing characteristics
Misnamed items in the squeeze
Villagers become statistics

Lost in the ebb and flow
Conflicted notions set free
A realisation you don’t know
How it was supposed to be


In Canada it’s pretty much customary for teens to talk like longshoremen.
They just don’t do it around adults. – srs_bsns

Un-natural Selection

An unusual form of evolution
From amidst the blocks emerges
Some features facing diminution
Whilst more appear in surges

Many changes have been dramatic
Though no DNA was involved
The life itself is mostly static
It’s the world that has evolved


People on tumblr would make enjoyable fanart of a mouldy lemon -- Dumb Posts Inc.


Floating on a minceraft
With a tiny spongefrog
Heartily we laughed
As we saw the sever log


<gabizou>: It looks like the server is ticking over a million chickens, do you know something about that?


Water, water everywhere
In every nook and cranny
Take a drink if you dare
From water weirds uncanny

It should retain potential
To stunt the odd explosion
With wetting now essential
At least there’s no erosion

Controlling the aquifers
May be quite manageable
With tools nature prefers:
Just craft a water table


I love it when my suppliers of suppliers supplies more suppliers for me to supply to other suppliers – Parker8283 @ FAP

Sponge: The Epic - Part 61.892

Send us riddles and rimes and roundelays
For the Docs manuscript needs to grow
Expanding in curious and manifold ways
Filling up with things you need to know

Phasetracker ahoy, was the cry at the Docs
As the braindump was hauled in the net
The tide of changes overflows the locks
But we know everything’s bound to get wet

Lantern was added, excised mentions of Pore,
Meronat’s new broom brings a clean sweep,
Though our Sponge API isn’t new any more.
This new apprentice looks like one we can keep.


gudue durdure kage inim dirige amtabtum
“like a farting butt, the mouth brings forth too many words” - ancient Sumerian proverb

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Out Of The Chocolateria

Went out for Ice-creams
Joined a pagan parade to
Burn a huge spider



Good Enough

methods missing vital clauses
executing random pauses
meddling with unknown forces
making modding grate again

when the classes make a mess
you can make more with less
just resort to nms
making modding grate again

objects given random names
built within unbounded frames
patching is such fun and games
making modding grate again


Lex: (waves magic updating wand) Crap, out of juice...

In Disorder

Is there really such a thing as chaos?
We recognize order but see it as drab
Adding noise brings comfort
Deviations from the norm seem more normal
But are we really seeking to emulate
The complex patterns drawn by nature
In recognizing those we also admit
That deeper patterns may exist
Impermeable to analysis or prediction
Nonetheless constrained by rules
Inscribed in layers inscrutable
Making chaos and order indivisible


if all else fails blame Notch -- bloodshot

In Or Out

Need more additions
For modding missions?
We welcome submissions
Set a goal, and meet it

Wanting approval
Of feature removal?
Gather a shoe-full
Of raw egg, and beat it


So that means stable-7 has a bee waking change. -- dualspiral

Bungee Accord

The wonder that is bungeecord
Will scatter your packets around
Blink your eyes, rematerialise
On newfound unearthly ground

A gentle breeze from Spongepls
Will settle you better in Forge
Flowing with all in a waterfall
From an absent development gorge