[BlizzardGame] Name-a-word!

Hello World!

It’s me again, you might know me from Corrupt-A-Wish or from Plugins to be ported.

I am here to start another game that I think everyone will find a lot of fun!

The point is this. I start with saying a word. The person below me posts a word that they associate with the word previously said. For example, if I were to start with banana, you could say apple since they are both fruits.

An example response is: “Apple, they are both fruits.”

Any responses that do not make sense are going to be ignored. Have fun and good luck!


Sponge, it sucks stuff up.

Tub, they both hold liquid.

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Shower, they both clean you

Mud, it makes you dirty.

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Way to play the game correctly @Latouth

Cement, they both get hard when they dry.

@tebbenjo. I bet he also gets hard when dry.

… what?

Mr. Rogers, We’re both more appropriate than @Lemonous .

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Parents: They usually want the best for you

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Hands: one typically has two hands, just as one typically has two parents.

Gloves, we wear them on our hands

water it wears us.

Milk. cause everyone drinks both.

cheese, it comes from cows.

hamburgers, it comes from cows

Grass, it is eaten by not yet butchered, not yet slaughtered hamburgers.

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flowers their plants.

Butter, they are both eaten by ‘animals’.

Flour. Theyre both used in cookies.

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Sugar. They’re both used worldwide in cooking.

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