BungeeCord Or Proxy Plugins Questions?

I would like to see a proxy server like BungeeCord and I would like to see some BungeePortals, How will that work? Didn’t see it in the Google Docs.

Edit: Okay, I can understand that, disconsented. Does someone need to port BungeeCord Plugins like BungeePortals,
(Yes, I did said that before the edit. BungeePortals)

I would assume that it would work rather similarly to BungeeCord (which will probably be ported over)

Yes, absolutely no bukkit plugin is compatible with sponge unless you are using something like Pore. In this case I doubt pore would be your best bet. Someone does need to port it.

Now for plugins that go into BungeeCord itself NOT ones that go into the server, they shouldn’t need to be ported as long as BungeeCord keeps the API the same when it is ported to Sponge. Keep in mind I am far from an expert on BungeeCord but from my experience this is what is most likely.

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Sponge is a coremod for Forge, and Forge has supported BungeeCord since 1.6 or 1.7. I’ll try to find a link to back that up, I know I’ve seen someone say it.

I just looked at the source for BungeePortals on GitHub and can say that it will need to be ported to Sponge.

Edit: Here’s a link - How will Sponge work with Bungeecord? - #12 by blood

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