Compatibility with Enjin


Just a quick comment/question, will you make the Enjin server plugin compatible with Sponge?

If you don’t know what Enjin is, click here:



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How are we meant to know? Enjin is unrelated to the Sponge project

This is also quite frankly a lazy post in the future please take the time to do the research before posting


Wouldn’t it be up to Enjin to make their plugin…?


Enjin would have to make their own sponge plugin, any Sponge server is going to use the Sponge API which is not compatible with the Bukkit API unless something such as Pore is used which while pretty good doesn’t offer 100% compatibility for all Bukkit plugins running on Sponge.

Ok thanks I guess…?

I believe enjin also has a forge mod. So you could simply install the forge mod next to sponge.


There was a list with likely to be ported plugins somewhere around the Forums iirc. Maybe its listed there.

137 on the possible ported plugins list

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Proper way to reply to this kind of question so you don’t look like a dick:

Hey Rocsorc,

Thanks for your interest in Sponge.

Just so you know, Sponge isn’t affiliated in any way with Enjin. This means we don’t know if they are going to make their stuff work with our stuff on release.

As a suggestion, you may want to do a little more research into topics like this before making a post.

@disconsented, I get that you may want to maintain a specific level of post on this forum, but you do realize that a lot of server owners aren’t at a high technical level, right?


There is a difference between lazy and not understanding. This is the former. You post does have its merits however

There is a difference between being a server owner with a low technical understanding and thinking that Sponge would be responsible for someone else’s plugin. Did Bukkit make the Enjin plugin for CraftBukkit? Nope. Does Mojang make Forge? Nope.


@bdubz4552 Does everyone know that? Nope. Plus, if you don’t want to offend a sizable portion of your user base you should at least try to be civil. Calling people names is not an effective tactic for that.

@disconsented Thank you for responding and agreeing that my point has merit. I think that you are mistaken on one point, however. If they were lazy, they wouldn’t have spent the time to set up an account and ask the question to learn something. They would have just gone to planetminecraft and copied others work. People have to learn stuff like this at some point. Are you telling me that the Sponge community at large doesn’t want people like this to ask questions and learn? To eventually use their system?

If you continue to reply to people in this fashion, I can certainly see you offending a sizable portion of user base for the very product you are trying to encourage.


Its lazy because they asked instead of researching, if they don’t understand something then they need to stay and if it seems that they have put in reasonable effort then I am more than happy to help.
“The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.” ~Swedish Proverb


Okay, how about this, if you don’t want to help, don’t respond. As you can see from this thread, other users will respond and you don’t have to take time from what is obviously a busy schedule to reply to such a “lazy” user.

In addition:
Research is an organized and systematic way of finding answers to questions.

Just because they chose what seems to be a wrong path of inquiry for their question doesn’t mean that it isn’t research. In this case, they could have very well gone to either forum (enjin/sponge) and asked the same question. Who knows, maybe they did! Maybe the Enjin folks referred them here.

Either way, you have called 7 other users lazy in the last week or so. Having a bad time lately? Is calling users names really a thing for the Sponge forums? Is that how they want you to represent them?

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I have 6 posts in the last 7 days, I am not quite sure where you got that ‘7 other users lazy’ statistic. You are also misrepresenting what I have actually said. Lets reference a couple of post’s where I have actually told people that.

Both of those questions are rather explicitly answered within the FAQ that we where using at the time.
“When will the first downloads be available? We cannot say at this time.” and “For the user
Our ultimate goal is to create a modding API that is easy to use for owners of small servers for friends and family, owners of large servers, and everyone in between.” respectively.

Well, either way, rather than calling them lazy, you could have just provided the link and closed the topic.

Why do you feel you have to spend the additional time to point out to them that they are lazy? Did I miss a rule that says that you can’t be lazy on this forum? Are you a manager of people who work remotely so you have the ability to judge others amount of effort spent?

Plus, please address this:
Just because they chose what seems to be a wrong path of inquiry for their question doesn’t mean that it isn’t research. In this case, they could have very well gone to either forum (enjin/sponge) and asked the same question. Who knows, maybe they did! Maybe the Enjin folks referred them here.

Or are you too lazy to do so?

While we are quoting posts:
Here you call everyone who asks a question that is in the FAQ lazy:

Here you call everyone from a site lazy:

Another user determined to be lazy by the expert:

And here we go again:


People got around to it before I found those post’s most of the time, no point repeating what has already been said. I also use a different definition of research:
“The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.”
So to directly answer you, we are not here to be used as a personal researchers. We expect people to have the initiative to go out and do things on their own.

  1. You’re right that is what I said but it doesn’t change the fact that people should be fully reading the FAQ before reading. Its purpose is to answer those questions, a little bit of effort now will save a lot time down the road.
  2. Lets provide a little more context here. ASO refers to the ‘Amateur Server Owners’ aka children, who are rather classically very lazy. They expect the world to be handed to them on a silver platter
    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
    Chinese Proverb
  3. Redundant to explain the same thing’s again, read above. (this also applies to quote 4)

Our purpose here is not always to answer each and every question but to provide support. I am a strong proponent of teaching people to help themselves (that Chinese proverb has stuck with me). Especially when we have all of these wonderful tools and resources that people have spent a serious portion of time working on.

Then just lock the thread and say “Locked” or “Read the FAQ”

Okay, so you want everyone to read the FAQ before asking a question. Fine, make it a requirement of using the forum. Maybe make it so that they can’t get into the forum without scrolling through the whole thing. If they then ask a question that was listed in the FAQ you can ban them, call them lazy, whatever.

In this case, you are defining an entire class to be lazy. I really hope that a bunch of these “ASO”'s come into this thread and read that. I am sure they will appreciate it. I bet it will give a great impression of the project and people working on it to them. Although, it strikes me that if this is how the moderator staff thinks on this forum that they obviously don’t care and don’t want those people using the eventually launched platform.

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That was being seriously considered. The forum software isn’t quite as adept at putting useful stuff on the main page as everyone would like.

There is bound to be an increase in these kinds of daft questions as release draws nearer, and it may be that moderation needs to change their approach. Stamping out boilerplate is less personal, but less likely to give offence. IMHO.

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Thank you, @Inscrutable, for your response. This is exactly my point.

I understand your group probably gets a ton of people asking questions easily answered in the FAQ, but calling people names such as lazy just detracts from the community feeling that I am sure you would want to foster.