CraftBook 4


cut the mechanics from disabled and paste them below into mechanics to load. Set disabled mechanics to =null.

Then insert Elevator in between the mechanics, ensuring separating it with a comma and observing the tab, eg


Similarly you can delete any mechanics you don't want and you are good to go. Don't forget to save the file - Enjoy


Hi, when do plan to include Pipes?


@Toothpick I'm good thanks. I was just testing in order to help track down the issue.


Just another suggestion: hidden switches [x] would be nice to have, too


Hi, I would like to know if it works with the latest Sponge build, while I have only errors in console and it doest generate all the other configurations files like in bukkit? Or it isn't implemented yet?

Can you somewhere post what all is now implemented and all the implemented permissions too?



It works fine on Dev build 544, but may cause problems on later builds


Has @me4502 been on holiday or why haven't we heard or seen anything of/from him lately ... smirk



I've been really busy with school the past few weeks. I'm practically at the end of my senior year, so it's consuming a large majority of my time. I'll hopefully be around a LOT more in a few weeks smile


in that case I wish you good luck with your finals ... wink



Thanks smile


Hi is possible to tell me with which version of Sponge is it compatible and is anywhere written which mechanic is what and how can they be configured?
The old Bukkit manuals are not very actual to this version of your plugin.



The last release works well with Sponge 1499 dev build 544. It does not work with the latest versions of Sponge as these require Java 8. Hopefully CB4 will be updated soon and Pipes added as well (hint, hint @me4502 wink) As far as the configuration is concerned, go to the conf file and follow the instructions in this thread

Usage is like the Bukkit version.


I certainly hope this is not the case. Sponge should be built against Java 6, and hence work on J7 and J8 too. The plan has always been to use the same version of Java for Sponge as Minecraft (and Forge) use.


And is there implemented all from the Bukkit version of CB?
While you have there lot of good things smile

Thanks I will look on it, but the config file is others so it will be helpfully when we can anywhere see the complete preconfigured config file, that we can modify for our use.

Thanks and great job.


Maybe my post wasn't qute clear.

While Sponge works against Java 6 and/or 7 some plugins don't as they seem to work only under Java 8, eg TotalEconomy and Admin Shop. My server didn't start even though I had deleted all other plugins..

After I upgraded to Java 8 - as suggested in the Forum - and used the appropriate build the server did start and TotalEconomy as well as Admin Shop worked but the other plugins did not, eg Craftbook 4.In essence there is a conflict somewhere


Here is my version of the config file

'# This contains all disabled mechanics. It is never read internally, but just acts as a convenient place to grab mechanics from.

'# The list of mechanics to load.

Please note that I inserted Pipe and Elevator ( Elevator=Lift up and Lift Down) although Pipes don't work yet. Elevators had previously been accidentally omitted but do work.



OK and does these mechanics any additional settings?
In Bukkit version there was a lot of additional settings.

By the way the Total Economy plugin works with Java 8. You can upgrade it to Java 8 too.


There are no additional settings required. However, if you don't want to use any of the mechanics you can either simply delete them or leave them in disabled mechanics should you wish to grab them later.

That's what I said in my post wink


OK, if I understand it, you make it simpler like in Bukkit.

And you will port it on Java 8 that we can use it too?

I like your plugin from bucket and would like to port it on sponge.


@me4502 is the developer and I understand that he is busy with more important things at present ... but in the future Craftbook will definitely work with Sponge