CraftBook 4


-javadoc is a file that contains all the JavaDocs for the project, JavaDocs are a type of documentation that can be written into the code, and then generated into a web page, for example:

-source contains the source code for the project, it's basically a zipped version of the code you can see on the GitHub link. Java works by taking source code and translating it to byte code, and then byte code is actually run. The source code is provided so that.... well, so you can view the source... :wink:

Maven is a system that builds and deploys jars, and it usually includes the byte code (runnable) jar, javadoc jar, and source jar in its uploads. Also, literally everyone uses Maven, so yeah. (Or Gradle, which uses Maven protocol anyway) (Willing to bet me4502 is using Maven/Gradle or some other system that follows a similar structure).


I'm waiting on a fix in the configuration system that sponge uses for that to go away.


Suggestion: can you add a box at the top of this page where you indicate which features are actually working? - Thanks very much.


Yeah, I'm trying to get sk to set it up so that the docs deploy, and then I'll have the docs contain the list for now.


Hi, question: how do you add different materials for eg doors? 'Cause when I add say DOUBLE_STONE-SLAB (with or without "" "") it doesn't get saved, but is omitted on restart of the server


If it gets removed it's not a valid block type.


I know, but I'd like to use other blocks as well ....

EDIT: in the Bukkit version it was possible to change/add block types


You can add and remove blocks, as long as the block actually exists.


Do you mean to say I can now add block types incl. meta data?



If it's a vanilla mc block you just need to enter the proper name, if not, you'll need to provide the mod prefix. Eg, thaumcraft:some_block


Gotta problem with that. When I add blocks in the door config., ie


none of the mechanics work anymore ....


EDIT: I figured it out. :sunglasses: adding STONE in the config., one can use any type of stone, etc.

Thanks a ton for your help!!!


Sponge doesn't support legacy data, you need to use the new data formatting.

Eg, sign[direction=north]


I am not quite with you here. Can you please elaborate?


Numeric data values don't really work as of 1.9, and they've been deprecated since 1.7(?). Sponge only supports the new formats added in 1.7.

Here's a wiki link to it,


OK - thanks very much

EDIT: that'll make it difficult to filter items, eg in pipes, because of limited space on the signs, unless you add a feature as in Admin Shop, where one can eg /setitem minecraft:smooth_andesite ?

BTW: exams finished and passed?


This doesn't work on one of the later versions of maybe last weekend


What error are you getting? It's working fine for me using the latest version


Ok I will try again. I think I used a snapshot instead of the release. I downloaded it and just noticed I got the snapshot version instead of the release. My bad


I've just updated the wiki links to use the new CraftBook 4 Documentation.

It is not yet complete, but it's probably more accurate than the wiki.


Is headdrops working no one on my server has gotten a head yet just checking I have allowed in my perms is there something special I have to do?