DailyRewards (API 5/6/7) - Plugin for rewarding players for every day logging in


Hello! If you are looking for Every Day Rewarding System for your players, congrtulations - you found it!

Let me introduce DailyRewards plugin - automatic (or semiautomatic, if you need) system, that rewards your players for logging in every day with absolutely custom rewards. You can create rewards for any day in a row, every day is configurable!

Latest releases: here
Source: there


First of all, you must drop jar file to your mods directory.

Then, after first start, you must find config file in config/DailyRewards directory. There you will find descriptions for every string, so I hope you will configure plugin without any problems.

When all your rewards are ready and tested, your will be something like that:


The time will start from first config creation moment, but if you want to start from another time, you can use /dr clear command to create another start point! Every 24 hours all players can take their reward again and continue their row. Ofc, players can take their reward only 1 time in a day.

Finally, you can translate messages in another config if you need.


/dr take - players execute this when press the button. Takes reward and move you to the next day
/dr show - shows again reward gui
/dr clear - move server to the next day and set new time starting point. All players can take rewards again.
/dr reload - reloads plugin! Yep, you can change rewards when you need it.
/dr set day/status “day_number”/“true”(taken)/“false”(not taken) “player” - edit info about player’s status and day
/dr info “player” - shows info about player’s status and day number


dailyrewards.base - /dr take and /dr show
dailyrewards.admin - /dr clear and /dr reload


  • Custom rewards for every day!
  • Three rewards types - ITEM, COMMAND and MONEY reward
  • Any amount of different types of rewards for any day!
  • You can create empty days without reward if you need!
  • Special Inventory GUI for Daily Rewards!
  • Customizable icons for you rewards!
  • Different mods for rewards (push player back to the first day if he missed one day or not)

And yep, plugin can be a little buggy, so if you will find something bad - contact me on GitHub, i’ll fix it!


Thanks for your plugin!

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Your welcome : )


Started using this plugin today, it’s awesome, thank you for the work you put into it.

Noticed that /dr reload has a russian (I think?) message, would you be able to add it to the messages.conf? Thank you!

EDIT: Also there’s no response from just /dr, perhaps an error message or help menu?


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Glad to hear that you enjoied it : )
Yep, I can fix it without any problems. And I want to add help menu to every command, so, it will be fixed too.
And about russian message.conf - check string “command-reload-success” if you use latest version - you can type there everything you want instead of this russian message : )

Hey, DailyRewards is updated to 1.2.2!

  • Fixed dangerous bug in ITEM reward
  • Added /dr help command
  • Added custom reward message for every day
  • A lot of little optimizations in code

Hello ! I have a bug with your plugin, if my server crash for X reason, the plugin bug and all players can do /dr take in infinite time ^^’
Thanks for the anwser !

Create an issue on github with bug description - why did server chushed, what did plugin typed in console when players take rewards, plugin version etc.

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I delete the database so, i need to wait another crash server and if its happen again, i create a issue ^^ thanks!

Updated to 1.3.0!
Now GUI looks like this


How do i actually download it

Click on “Latest releases”

Is this working on 1.12?

Yes, I’m currently using it on my 1.12.2 servers.

I am using on my1.12 and when i clear the daily reward with /dr clear to reset the daily the plug stops working and then i need to delete configs for it to work again.

I need an error text on my Github to fix your problem. There you can desctibe your problem fully.

Done, it is there for your review!

follow this config to a T and it still does not load. It makes no sense. Everything is exactly how it shows in the default config. Still, does not load at all.

Guessing this isnt supported anymore or the dev just afk for an extended amount of time?

More looks like I was afk for extended amount of time.
Send any errors u see in logs, connected to plugin, to me via Github (U can create an issue there)