DailyRewards (API 5/6/7) - Plugin for rewarding players for every day logging in


Hello! If you are looking for Every Day Rewarding System for your players, congrtulations - you found it!

Let me introduce DailyRewards plugin - automatic (or semiautomatic, if you need) system, that rewards your players for logging in every day with absolutely custom rewards. You can create rewards for any day in a row, every day is configurable!

Latest releases: here
Source: there


First of all, you must drop jar file to your mods directory.

Then, after first start, you must find config file in config/DailyRewards directory. There you will find descriptions for every string, so I hope you will configure plugin without any problems.

When all your rewards are ready and tested, your will be something like that:


The time will start from first config creation moment, but if you want to start from another time, you can use /dr clear command to create another start point! Every 24 hours all players can take their reward again and continue their row. Ofc, players can take their reward only 1 time in a day.

Finally, you can translate messages in another config if you need.


/dr take - players execute this when press the button. Takes reward and move you to the next day
/dr show - shows again reward gui
/dr clear - move server to the next day and set new time starting point. All players can take rewards again.
/dr reload - reloads plugin! Yep, you can change rewards when you need it.
/dr set day/status “day_number”/“true”(taken)/“false”(not taken) “player” - edit info about player’s status and day
/dr info “player” - shows info about player’s status and day number


dailyrewards.base - /dr take and /dr show
dailyrewards.admin - /dr clear and /dr reload


  • Custom rewards for every day!
  • Three rewards types - ITEM, COMMAND and MONEY reward
  • Any amount of different types of rewards for any day!
  • You can create empty days without reward if you need!
  • Special Inventory GUI for Daily Rewards!
  • Customizable icons for you rewards!
  • Different mods for rewards (push player back to the first day if he missed one day or not)

And yep, plugin can be a little buggy, so if you will find something bad - contact me on GitHub, i’ll fix it!

[REQUEST] Daily login gifts
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Thanks for your plugin!


Your welcome : )



Started using this plugin today, it’s awesome, thank you for the work you put into it.

Noticed that /dr reload has a russian (I think?) message, would you be able to add it to the messages.conf? Thank you!

EDIT: Also there’s no response from just /dr, perhaps an error message or help menu?



Glad to hear that you enjoied it : )
Yep, I can fix it without any problems. And I want to add help menu to every command, so, it will be fixed too.
And about russian message.conf - check string “command-reload-success” if you use latest version - you can type there everything you want instead of this russian message : )


Hey, DailyRewards is updated to 1.2.2!

  • Fixed dangerous bug in ITEM reward
  • Added /dr help command
  • Added custom reward message for every day
  • A lot of little optimizations in code


Hello ! I have a bug with your plugin, if my server crash for X reason, the plugin bug and all players can do /dr take in infinite time ^^'
Thanks for the anwser !


Create an issue on github with bug description - why did server chushed, what did plugin typed in console when players take rewards, plugin version etc.


I delete the database so, i need to wait another crash server and if its happen again, i create a issue ^^ thanks!


Updated to 1.3.0!
Now GUI looks like this


How do i actually download it


Click on “Latest releases”


Is this working on 1.12?


Yes, I’m currently using it on my 1.12.2 servers.


I am using on my1.12 and when i clear the daily reward with /dr clear to reset the daily the plug stops working and then i need to delete configs for it to work again.


I need an error text on my Github to fix your problem. There you can desctibe your problem fully.


Done, it is there for your review!