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Hi i’m in need of plugins for my 1.12.2 server.The following are what I need:

  • RedProtect or a similar plugin
  • A Permissions plugin
  • Clans Plugin
  • A Plugin similar to Hotels
  • A Plugin similar to TreeAssist
  • MineResetLite or a similar plugin
  • MultiWorlds Plugin
  • Minigame Plugin.
    If anyone can think of any cool plugins that would be nice too. Also i’d appreciate it if some one directs me to the webpages of the listed plugins or tell me exactly if or if not the listed plugins support 1.12.2 and NOT tell me to look in plugins list on the website because the problem i had years ago when trying to find plugins for sponge was that they never said what they were for. All they would say is they are version 1.0, 2.0, etc etc and i have no clue what that means

[Edited]: Oh almst forgot! I’m using SpongeForge and not sponge vanilla

Here’s a list of plugins I personally use, Unfortunately it’s not everything you’re after, but somewhere to start, I guess.

LuckPerms (Permissions)
Nucleus (Essentials)
Grief Prevention (Claiming)
TotalEconomy (Economy)
AdamantineShield (Block Logging)
DTPunishment (Chat filter and auto mute/ ban system)
DTCommands (Link commands)
Activetime (Playtime tracker)
CarrotShop (SignShops)
MMCReboot (Auto restarts)
PixelAutoMessages (Automessages)

As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any plugins similar to Hotels or TreeAssist, but there is Project Worlds and GWM Auto Mine Reset, although I haven’t used either of them personally. I’m not sure about a clans plugin, and I don’t think we have any working minigames plugins at the moment (You’re probably better off making a separate server and using bukkit for that, they have way more than we do currently).

You’ll find most plugins here: but also you’ll find others on Plugin Releases on the Forum.

Hope this helps!
~ Alice

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Minigame wise. Im going to be making a load. I should have my first before the competition is over

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Sure looks like they say what they’re for.

I think the problem actually lies here:

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@pie_flavor that’s what i’m talking about. 2.3.0? 2.15.1? those aren’t game versions. that is what I mean by it doesn’t tell me anything. I get ppl understand all that #.#.# mess but I don’t.

That number is the plugin version. You dont need to be conserned with that unless your expecting a update. The next number is the amount of views it has, then the amount of downloads then the amount of people who have starred the project.

As @MoseMister said, that’s the plugin version. The bit below the name says what it does. If you want to know what Sponge version it runs on, which is not the question you asked, it’s helpfully tagged ‘Sponge’ in bright yellow there. Any Sponge release with a major version 7 will run any plugins targeting 7.0.0, any Sponge release with a major version 7 and minor version 1 or later will run any plugins targeting 7.1.0, and so on. Right now, API 7 only covers Minecraft 1.12.