[Discontinued] AdminShop [v1.8.2] - Server Shops


I will check the flags tomorrow what we have on that nation.


Okay, thanks for the help by the way!


My deepest apologies it seems that I was wrong about that we fixed it. But after talking to our members it seems they indeed still get the edit sign windows. I really thought we had fixed it. Sorry for this. I guess we both have to find a new solution then :S


Well dang then, is this addon not being kept up? Looks like he hasn’t replied to this thread since March


Hmm that’s odd I’ll look into that soon… maybe a change in Sponge


Will there be an update for 1.11?


Yes there will :smile:


Not sure if this is a known bug, but none of the shops are saving at all.
After every reset of the server, it wipes the file clear and only saves the newest ones you have done until another reset wipes out the shops file again.


Amazing plugin! Our players love it, But just a simple question if anyone has the answer to - Is there a way to make the sign Sell more then one item? Like a stack of each item or so? Thanks!


Ive got an issue, When players try to sell to the shop it gives an error that says “You dont have an administrators permission to interact with the item minecraft:(insertitemnamehere) " https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/181808377557549056/357524257191886849/2017-09-13_23.52.58.png


I think that’s related to a anti-grief plugin.


Does this plugin support multiple currencies?


No it doesn’t :slight_smile:


Will multiple currency support be added soon?


Possible. I’ll have to add a new cmd to support setting it. I have no ETA though as I’ve been pretty busy.


The owner of the server can right click the shop signs and it will work but when players right click, nothing happens. My theory is this is because the server uses EconomyLite. Does that sound correct? If EconomyLite wasn’t compatible with this plugin how come it works for the owner and money is subtracted correctly and everything.


Economy lite works fine with this plugin. Check that in the server.properties spawn protection is off and if you’re using a protection plugin it is configured properly.


Thank you I will look into that.


Will this be updated to 1.12.2?


I recommend using CarrotShop, it’s already updated to 1.12.2/ API 7 and comes with a lot more features.