Easier Server Creating and Portforwarding?

Will Sponge make server creating and portforwarding easier for those who don’t know how to do it alone?

Portforwarding is something you have to do. It is hardware specific. So, no, Sponge can’t help with that. Setting up a server isn’t that hard. There will be guides out there.

Edit: Also, the easiest option is to just use a server provider that will set it all up for you.


I remember that @sk89q wrote something about uPnP … So with that you may need no more port forwarding, but I’m not sure …

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That sounds intersting…

He did, when discussing a suggestion for a GUI like minecraft_server.exe has on Windows (and indeed the other versions too with a flag). Link: Sponge Should Have a GUI - #76 by sk89q


There is a Upnp port mapping plugin on the plugins to port list, I added it in the lists infancy.

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uPnP support sounds like something the community can greatly benefit from, hopefully it gets implemented!

I hope so too :wink:

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Thankyou for all your comments, cus you see I just recently attempted a server but I couldnt get it working and my parents cannot afford to pay for a server, I know this enough that I havent even asked and I’m too young to get a job.

I would like to say port forwarding is a very tricky task to those who have no prior experience.

With that in mind often times it is the most secure way of managing the ports available to the
public internet provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

I have assisted in developing many servers, hosted on many different platforms and would first
like to say that if you are not able to port forward don’t be detoured.

If your aim is to develop a professional server then i suggest you study a few common network
terms as well as study how networks work a good way to do that is here.

If it’s just for you and your friends the above is still worth reading however things suck as port
forwarding a program should only be done if you are confident this will not create a security
whole in your local network. A quick Google Search brings multiple tutorials on port forwarding.
Each approach is unique to the network topography.

In short though it is recommended that you at least learn the basic concepts in behind port forwarding
instead of allowing software to do it for you. Not just for your sake but for the better of your networks

Lol’d. You have countless tutorials available. If you really want to do it, you will.

Port forwarding ain’t hard. Just get the router you are using, go to Google and search ‘portfowarding router X’. There will be at least a couple of great hits and you’ll complete it successful.

But if you would want to run a server, I would not use my private network and rather buy and VPS to run an server instance on there.

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If you know your router and watch some YouTube video’s you’re ready to go. Don’t like YouTube? Follow these steps:

Port Forwarding:

  • Type your ipv4 address in your browser. You can find your ip4v address by opening CMD and typing ipconfig.
  • Login using Admin as username and password. (Most of the times this works)
  • Go to “Advanced Settings”
  • Click on port forwarding.
  • Add your ipv4 address and as port 25565
  • Click apply.
  • DONE! :open_mouth:

Server Creation:
Can’t say anything about this (yet). Sponge is too far from ready.

I guess you mean default gateway?

(pls don’t start ddosing my ipv6 IP now xD)

And this doesn’t work for everyone. For mine ISP I need to go to their administration pannel.

Oh… Here in the Netherlands I don’t even have a Default Gateway. Always used ipv4, worked fine.

Och, … . So your telling me you don’t have a router? I think I have to restudy my networking than.

Of course I have a router. Just no “Default Gateway” in my ipconfig :?

Edit: Checked it. No Default Gateway. Weird shit.

Thats really weird. What happens if you do: ipconfig /all | findstr "Default Gateway"? You need to have a gateway or you can’t be online. (I think we have found a ghost people :smile:).

What about places where one does not have access to the router/hard-where-firewall config, I run a server at my school without access to any network admin resources, I need to use UPNP. I’ve been using this to port map my website, server, ftp server, ssh server, and dyn map over UPNP for a while now, but it would be nice if each of them could forward themselves over UPNP like applications such as skype, μTorrent, and PtP Multi-player games do. This would just save me some trouble, I know for certain that there are nginx modules for this, so my website and ftp are taken care of, IDK about ssh, only leaving my server (and dyn map which is part of my server) so I think this would be a cool plugin.

Macs just have “PortMapper” which is pretty straightforward to use.