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Status Updates:
You can find the recent status update here.

Common Misconceptions:
You can find all the common misconceptions about Sponge here.

List of Sponge staff:
You can find the full staff list here.

Trust Levels:
You can find out what a “Trust Level” is here.

Pore (Bukkit-Sponge bridge):
You can find all the information about Pore here.

Forum text formatting:
You can find all information needed about Chat Formatting in Discourse here.

Important and Useful links:
You can find all the important and useful links here.

Logo Design:
Got a logo design? Here’s the thread.

Server creation and portforwarding:
Wanna create a server? Here!

Plugins to be ported:
Here is the (unofficial) thread about plugins that should be ported.

Sponge Xenforo:
Debate here if Sponge should use XenForo.

Hust VS. Sponge:
Debate here is Husk is better.

Connecting to Sponge’s IRC:
Wanna connect to the IRC? Check this out!

Think I forgot any? Don’t hesitate to post them down there!



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Can’t we just forum?

I do think this is something different.

Some topics are hard to find.

I looked it up again, and I have to agree.

The latest status updates area always here.

Thank you for the reply @armed_troop Updated it.