[Error] When I add more than one plugin in I keep getting a crash


For some reason every time I use more than one plugin my server crashes and I don’ know why.

Logs without Plugins: https://pastebin.com/e5NTM3fK
Logs with Plugins: https://pastebin.com/ezwEXRLs

Plugins used:

Mods used:

Please help me out, I don’t know exactly what to do or how to fix it at all either, I tried understanding the logs but all I could find was that it needed the spongecore even though I have it I believe.


Encountered an unexpected exception net.minecraftforge.fml.common.LoaderExceptionModCrash: Caught exception from Kits (io.github.hsyyid.kits)

The kits plugin your using hasn’t been updated in years… I would recommend trying a different one/removing it and seeing if the server will then start.


Your problem is with the plugins themselves buddy, check they are updated to API 7, also i would advise you switch you server jar with the SpongeVanilla, and get rid of SpongeForge unless you are using a modpack.

With spongevanilla you can change your startbat to ‘spongevanilla-***.jar’ and then remove the mod SpongeForge, fml runs when you have spongeforge and when you run a server with no mods this just makes the startup process alot longer…

If you need additional help pm me and i will be happy to help where ever it may be needed


It also seems fml has a problem with the plugin Kits too, try switching to spongevanilla you should be good


Already taken care of*
And I am not using spongevanilla since I am testing spongeforge out withi mods and plugins. If I wasn’t using mods I would of not said I was using FTBLib and Utilities.


I see i didnt read all the way down i just read your error log to see the problem thats my mistake