Vanish [API 4.0.0]


Vanish is a plugin for Sponge-powered servers, to hide some folks from some other folks while playing.

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This plugin is the spiritual successor to VanishNoPacket, my beloved Bukkit plugin. The goal of Vanish is not to simply let you hide from others, but to greatly increase flexibility of player visibility on your server to suit your needs.




Use the command /vanish to vanish! Not much functionality yet!


/vanish - Hides you from others


vanish.vanish - Lets you use the above command
vanish.effects.bats - Bats!


That about sums it up…

This sounds pretty awesome, I’m sure many people will use it.


Version 4.0.0 is now released!


Awesome! I used VanishNoPacket with Bukkit, very pleased to see its successor show up here.

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running with sponge build 1018 when I issue the command “/vanish”, all the players disappear. after the non-vanished players move for about 5 blocks or more they “appear” again.

i haven’t tried the vanish plugin prior to 1018 so I don’t know if this is new behaviour.

sorry I didn’t realise there was an “issues” link - and i’ve just gone there to see someone else report the same bug.

And that someone was me!

As I answered on the issues system, there’s a bit of an issue with the Sponge download links in that the latest build is not actually the one linked under “latest” so you have to grab an even later build from “Show all downloads”

Posting here as well to document for others.

i originally posted saying I couldn’t find the correct download location, but I just re-read and realised you meant SPONGE “latest” wasn’t the latest.

i’ve just discovered this and now I’m proceeding to test with the new build 1025.


Contextual data’s taking longer than I expected, so I’m throwing in mob targeting blocking and block placement allowance into a new release - 4.0.1 - which works with latest Sponge implementations.

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Version 4.0.2 has been released.


  • Bats!
  • Grant yourself the permission node vanish.effects.bats for… well… you should just see it yourself.



Version 4.0.3 has been released!

Supports SpongeAPI 4.0.0

Option to join silently and leave silently like VanishNoPacket? open chests silently etc as well. The effects… bats are really enough lol

@mbaxter was it possible for this plugin to vanish a player to all players except moderators?

Also has another plugin taken over this functionality, or is there another topic for it, or was it’s last update API 4?

I guess spectator mode might have rendered some of this moot.

@ryantheleach I believe Nucleus has a similar vanish functionality to this if not exactly the same, but some may like a standalone plugin still.

I did a quick update to API 7 here.

When I started writing this, contextual data was ‘very soon’ and then proceeded to not be very soon at all. Is it finally here? :smiley:

At this point I’m not even sure if it’s in scope of ‘contextual data’ depending on which dev you talk to.

Sharding the entity universe in some manner, (because I doubt sharding the world would ever get in) has always been a hotly requested feature though…

Whether it’s for player specific entities, team specific entities, or disguises.

In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: KittehOrg / Vanish