How can I help Sponge?

How can I help?
How can I contribute?

Your unofficial answer:

(Later maybe a wiki page)

You should add “and check out the forums” to every “WAIT and relax” :wink:

I added it to “You can” already,
but I must update the doc now, because it is a little nit outdated xD

Watching you typing :smiley: I like gdocs :wink:

I think you should add:

Make some videos about it.
Try to recruit members to the community, maybe devs or web devs.

Atm we have enough devs:

Yeah, I guess you are right, but I meant like big devs, like maybe MD5? Probably will not work, but it is always worth a try :stuck_out_tongue:

sk89q is a big dev and md_5 said he wait and watch the things that happen :wink:
A flat hierarchy is sometimes better …

Ah, whatever. I just really wanted to help and get this sponge thing going, I see a big future for it if we go about this right :slight_smile: