I think Sponge needs a scripting language

Hi everybody,

First of all, this website looks awesome, but I guess it will get too complicated when community is larger.

Anyway, I think, Sponge needs to have a scripting language because Java is too hard to learn if all you need is a simple plug-in.

Like Skript on Bukkit, or LUA on MCServer. I believe if this scripting language is embedded in Sponge, it will be more useful for amateur server administrators.


i would be easy to make plugins :smiley:

This would be an interesting feature but at the moment they probably have more pressing matters in the development.


Java is pretty easy, just don’t be lazy! :wink:


I don’t think this is possible with Sponge but I would like a system what ASP.Net has, multiple language support. Just identify the language at the top of the file. That would be awesome but it doesn’t matter for me since I know java.

If there was an easy language to cast events in minecraft, There would be more mods more plugins and more developers I support This.

Is it simpler than this?

on join:
    send "Welcome to our server" to player

That looks like ‘Pseudo code’. @Guandor


Hmm… there could probably just be a plugin developed to support this. The plugin could parse the script and register everything on load. I am trying to think of how that would work right now… It would be much more limited than coding itself but it would probably be possible.

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I’d like having Python, JS or Lisp bindings for Sponge.

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simple thinks are possible, but complex things are hard to code in script languages :wink:

@TangentSpy I don’t think that multi-language would ever be added to something such as sponge. For one, making it so it could interface with multiple languages would probably bloat the API and server implementation when it is made.

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Actually, it isn’t as limited as it seems. I was able to replace WorldEdit using Skript.


I’d recommend contacting the developer(s) of Skript to see if they’d be interested in porting it over to Sponge when the time comes. That should solve your search :slight_smile:

Yeah, that seems to be the main solution to this.

It’s not a port what I want. I want it to be official so that it can be limitless. For example, MCServer is written with C++ but its plugins are written with LUA.

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They need to port or embed Skript into Sponge, and there will be no problems!

If with ship some sort of scripting engine with sponge, it will be much more powerfull.


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Well the SpongeAPI is meant for developers and as such has no need for a scripting language really. As well, since there are so many scripting languages out there, the one that should be decided on should be the one decided on for the job at hand (per-need basis). So honestly, I don’t see a need for it to be added into the core of the project, but instead made as an optional plugin (or plugins) that provide a way of scripting with the api.

As for not wanting Skript to be ported- I reall don’t understand that. If you had a plugin that you liked before that worked really well, why not want it again? Since it would be a port, there’s a high chance the developer would fix a lot of issues, rewrite sections, optimize, add/remove features so it should almost be a win-win if they end up doing it.

Please explain what you mean by limitless, as I can’t really see anything being what my definition of limitless is.

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