LandProtect [No longer in development]

Update - Release v2.3.1-BETA

  • Bug fixes in regards to trusts and adding friends

Hi, yes. I used on Bukkit the residence plugin, but I was unable to find anything until I found your plugin. And there was the ability to buy or sell the land and then you are able to select who is able to visit it or use it.
So I would like to know if your plugin has or will have some of these features.

Hey Rysing, with latest version of sponge 1241, this is the crash report.

It seems like it failed to get the list of a player’s claims, have you by chance touched the config file where the claims are stored?

I was actually thinking of a command to transfer claims from one player to the next. I wanted to keep this away from economy so people wouldn’t be forced to use one just to use my plugin but maybe I can do something that will please both sides. With the trust and friend system you can already select who can use your claims and I’ll see about adding an option to prevent others from entering claimed land.

nope, downgraded back to the older sponge and it worked just fine.

hmm ok i’ll make an issue when i get the chance and see what the sponge devs will say about it

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Disregard, seems to be fully working again with now latest sponge.

Oh and a quick update: I just figured out some things I was having trouble with so I could have the claim command spawn barriers for a few seconds at the borders of the claim. I might also be able to implement it outside of claims like for example right clicking with a certain item in hand could show you the borders of the claimed chunk you’re in. I’ll hopefully be able to add this in either by tomorrow or the next day.

Herm Herm gp style Herm Herm

Update - Release v2.3.2-BETA

  • bug fixes with interactables
  • fix ChangeBlockListener to work better with mods ex. disable using pixelmon external moves that destroy blocks and using a buildcraft quarry in claims that are not yours and it’s not unclaimed land.
  • change certain commands to be able to take an offline player argument - Commands affected: /lp trust, /lp untrust, /lp removefriend

Sidenote: I know i said i was going to work on claim boundaries and that’s the next thing i want to work on I just felt like adding better mod support was more necessary. Also I’ve only tested this on pixelmon and buildcraft so if you find a mod not working well with claiming please let me know and I’ll do my best to try to fix it. Oh and I’m starting to get comfortable with where this plugin is standing that i shouldn’t have to break anything major so this might be able to come out of WIP soon.

Update - Release v2.4.0

  • Add claim boundaries which will be visible on claiming or using inspector tool(see below)
  • Add command to set the command boundary block(takes a block id argument)
  • Add command to set the inspector tool type(takes an item id argument)
    The inspector tool will toggle claim boundaries on/off when right clicked by a player inside of a claimed chunk.
  • Add config reload command.

Sorry for such a big delay in releasing this i’ve been busy lately, also next few updates I’m going to really try and clean up the code and optimize it. One of the first things i want to do which i promised a while back to accomplish this is adding database support.

Update - Release v3.0.0

  • Switch to using databases for saving data such as claims, trusts, and friends for much needed optimization improvements
  • Add config option to transfer data from the configs to the databse.

Let me know if you find anything that’s not working properly as there are alot of things i had to change.I did test it beforehand but there still might be some things that I’ve missed.

Update - Release v3.0.1

  • bug fixes

Update - Release v3.0.2-BETA

  • change permissions to be more consistent
  • change protect commands to adminclaim to be more obvious what it does
  • adminclaiming now spawns claim boundaries as well
  • claim boundaries now despawn within 60 seconds when spawned by claiming.

Update - Release v3.1.0-BETA

  • fixed updatifier support
  • minor improvement in claim boundaries
  • add autoclaiming feature

to start with autoclaiming first you craft a pair of leather boots, an enchanting table, and gather 10 experience levels. Once you have that place the enchanting table down and right click it while holding the leather boots, this will turn them into a pair of claiming boots. Just wear them like any other boots and as you enter new, unclaimed chunks it will claim them but also take durability as you claim. Let me know if you have any suggestions for this feature as it’s my first time trying it out as a sort of workaround for not being able to have custom crafting recipes atm.

Update - Release v3.2.0

  • config option to configure messages when entering/leaving claims
  • fix ChangeBlockListener to allow outside sources such as command blocks to edit land in claims
  • make the message that the receiver of a friend request gets to be more obvious how to accept
  • revert help command back to player message as the bookview made it more difficult to read
  • add success message on config reload
  • finish changing perms from using protect to adminclaim

I’m pretty confident now that I hopefully won’t have to change anything too major anymore so here’s the first full release of LandProtect to take it out of WIP. Hopefully great things will come in the future now that that’s out of the way.

EDIT: I’m starting to work on the wiki now which should help describe the plugin and it’s features in more detail.

Update - Release v3.3.0

  • add buyclaims command
  • add datareload command
  • add listclaims command
  • addinteractable command no longer requires a player to use it if specificying the block-id
  • improve messages on entering and leaving claims

Sorry if updates are coming slower now, I have quite a few other projects and things I have to work on. Don’t worry though I will continue to update it and at the very least keep it up to date with the latest version of the api.

Update - Release v3.3.1

  • fix claim command so buyclaims now really works

Great little plugin you’ve got here. One question though, is it possible to adminclaim more than one chunk at once?