[Outdated] MinecraftGUI v2.0.4 - A GUI manager


Already updated to Sponge API 4.0


Ah, I must have downloaded an incorrect version - sorry! :wink:


Is there any way to use the player's current in game variables like health?
This would be an awesome mod to make a modern minecraft GUI.


@rojo8399 I thought it was, but I was mistaken I guess, sorry. Seems like the project is on hold for now anyway, look at djxy's post below.


How would we do this?


Currently, the project is stopped. I have others projects currently and I don't have time to put on this one. I will keep it alive as long as I won't have too many change to do.

The project is not dead. I just don't have time currently to update it and do the docs to help the users.

@rojo8399 I take note of your suggestion.


@djxy Do you think you could modify the plugin so users with different PEX groups can have their own GUI?


I found a problem. I can't type some characters (such as Chinese) in the input box.


update to api 5.0 plz


I'm sorry, but this plugin is discontinued. I don't have any time to update it. I have other plugins and I prefer to update them.


do anyone know whether there is a similar plugin to this?


my Lord!
So great plugin!
Please do not give it up


This plugin/mod is discontinued and I won't update it.


Can you release the source code so others can? It's not on your GitHub profile.


The plugin version https://github.com/djxy/MinecraftGUI-Plugin and the mod https://github.com/djxy/MinecraftGUI-Mod.


I need it very much.
So, every day I come to see!
Look forward to its upgrade!


You shouldn't have too much hope. I don't plan to update it.


You hit me now.
What are you doing now!
I hope to know more about your work!


I'm working on PermissionManager.


I do not know how much time it takes!
Because i'm not programming!
But I hope this is a good plugin with GUI.
Hope to be able to upgrade