Permissions Ex 2.0 - How?

Can someone, for the love of god, explain to me how to use hocon format in the new Permissions Ex? I have fiddled around with commands, trying to get anything to work, and at this point I only know the command to OP users. Other than that, I’m clueless. I’m trying to create a Pixelmon Server, and I need to run sponge for the newest version. I know there are servers out there using Sponge to get their plugins for their server, so I know it’s not impossible. I was proficient in yaml format with the old Permissions Ex, and could probably figure out the new format if I had a working PEX config file I could model off of. There are no truly good reference points that I can find to create a server using PEX 2.0. Could someone who is currently running Pixelmon 4.2.3 send me a copy of their config file, or could someone direct me towards useful resources I could be missing? I just really need some help here, I’m desperate.

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I posted a file on the pex Thread. It has an example ladder with different groups.

Besides that zml advises you to config pex through commands, not via config editing.

Also have a look at the pex command reference thread, most commands are explained there

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I’ve read a ton on how actually editing config isn’t going to treat you well, and I would prefer using in game commands anyways. So, what is the first step in making a ladder? Do I start with the highest rank (Owner) and go down? How do you make multiple ladders, so an admin has the same amount of perms as a donator rank? To give me a better idea, could you use the names I have for my groups put into the commands? From lowest to highest in donator ranks, it would be: Trainer, Member, Pro, Elite, Master. Then for the staff ranks, it would be: Helper, Moderator, Admin, Owner.


You start with the lowest rank, as it has the least permissions. Then you create the next higher rank and make it inherit from the lowest rank. When a group inherits from another group it gets all permissions of the parent.

Have you actually read the post I linked? I alreday explained it there… :slight_smile:

You could make Admin inherit from donator, Admin will get all perms of donator plus the ones you assign to Admin separately.

I’m currently on mobile, but I’ll have a look on your groups later

I did read your link, I was still just a tad confused. Thanks! :slight_smile:

it’s meant for long time server owners that just need a push in the right direction, i need to go add contexts to it now that i know how they work

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Do you have any suggestions on what commands sequentially I can use to establish groups with inheriting traits? I’m having many issues trying commands that seem straightforward…

You start off with a default group, which you assign to every user when he joins. Usually that’s the group with the least perms. Name groups carefully, as they’re case sensitive! I usually name all groups lowercase to avoid confusion.

  1. create a group named “default” with zero perms:
    /pex group default def false
  2. assign every new user to this group upon join:
    /pex default user parent add group default
  3. add a new group named <.groupname> which inherits from default (you can add perms later):
    /pex group <.groupname> parent add group default
  4. repeat step 3 with <.groupname-2> inhereting from <.groupname>:
    /pex group <.groupname-2> parent add group <.groupname>

repeat until you have all groups for your first ladder.

Now you need to create the ladder itself:
5. pex rank <laddername> add group <groupname>
repeat until all groups you want to have on this ladder are in.

Ok, now you have:

  • a default group with no perms
  • some groups which inherit from each other
  • a ladder which contains the groups

hopefully i didn’t forget anything :wink:

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Hilariously enough, those were the commands I was using, in that order. However, the problem was because my co-owner who tried to configure the server before me didn’t update to the newest versions of spongeforge, forge, pex, and essentials. Everything is working, and thanks for all of your help! :smiley:

Also make sure to save and reload the config after changing something. Sometimes you even need to restart the server to apply the changes.

saving the whole config: /sponge save -g
reloading pex config: /pex reload

Also make sure that you don’t break your PEX config, unbreaking it is almost impossible… :wink:

Can someone provide a simple config file that has all the essentialcmds perms set up for default players?

You can easily convert your old YML permissions files to the new PEX json file without even having to touch a command.

i have been recently trying to set up a server for my modpack called enriched survival that can be found on the curse modpack launcher and when i try to start it the plugin for griefprevention says that it cant find a permissions plugin there for making the plugin not work could someone help or tell me how to fix it?

The answer lies in the very title of the thread you are replying to. Get a permissions plugin for Sponge, such as PermissionsEx, and add that to the mods folder. You’ll have to set up some permissions too, which is all explained on the PermissionsEx thread if you care to browse a bit.