Poll: Favorite Desktop Linux Flavor

  • Arch
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Other (Please specify)

What is your favorite Linux Flavor, for Desktop use?

Personally, my favorite is Arch. <3

EDIT: If you have any anecdotes about why you prefer a certain flavor, please share!

Ubuntu for desktop, cause it’s loaded with presetup things (I value that in a desktop OS).

Poll: Favorite Server Linux Flavor:

You forgot Debian as a desktop! :3

I didn’t. Was just waiting until someone asked for it to be up. Didn’t know I couldn’t add poll options after a certain period of time, tho. :frowning:

Arch Linux no doubt

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I use Linux Mint.

Does the Ubuntu option count for flavors/remixes thereof? I only ask because I use LUbuntu for the lighter LXDE, although I suppose one could install LXDE on top of the standard Ubuntu install (I guess I kind of just answered my own question; perhaps a new thread on preferred Linux GUIs is in order to this effect).


Haha. Good idea. :smile:

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Rather than Ubuntu, I prefer using Debian directly.


I agree with @The_Doctors_Life
I like Ubuntu because it has some meat on its bones. XD

Whoops Necroed didn’t even notice…

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OpenSUSE, anyone?


Actually I’m liking linux mint better, less bloat.

Debian with Gnome. Its like silk in the hands.