Post your Minecraft server!

Let’s post some of the servers that you run!
Don’t post your server’s IP’s. Websites are fine


Had run a no rule and no staff server (complete anarchy), but people lost interest in it since I guess people can be offended by other players easily.

I used to own a small-to-medium server as well for two years, which I stopped working on roughly 9 months ago.

I’m working on a customly developed new Minecraft server with never seen before stuff with a friend who provides free servers for us, and is also a system administrator.

I currently run a small 15 slot mc server, been running it since late 2010. It started out as a whitelisted server, but today it’s a semi-whitelisted server, where you can build in a guest world after logging on the first time, but you’d still need to apply to the whitelist to get building rights to the rest of the worlds on the server.

The server is running on mc 1.7.10, the last build of CB that you could get before it went down.

Of the worlds that I have on the server, I have a beta 1.0 world, a release 1.0 world and a release 1.7.2 world(main), and a skylands world.

You can visit the site that I have for my servers here, I run servers for multiple games, not just minecraft. You can get the the whitelist forum by going here.

/me has a feeling that this thread might get spammed up with servers a bit.

Although I do not run any servers, I have been hired for security tests of systems (protection/commands/staff)

aaand…I am offering my services (free!) to anyone out there. Any info or loopholes I find are said to the owner only. Plus, with my eye for detail I always have little things that can be improved upon to make your server great. :slight_smile:

With that said, I’m currently with a server called Aeonian Universe. Really nice server with loads of options from plots creative to freeroam survival and most things in between. They have themed worlds for the slightly higher ranks, which is beatiful IMO. Check them out!

I run a French language server called Modulmonde. The server started on July 2012. Today, it is a 60 nodes server.

For now, the server run Spigot 1.7.9. There is approximately 50 plugins, a 1.2-1.6 world, and a 1.7 world.

The server contains a minecart transport system, economy, PVE instance, Games, and, of course, accept free build.

I run a Towny server called Fortcraft together with an RL friend called Aleks. It started in october 2013 as a 1.7 vanilla server and grew to about 30 players max online during the first few weeks. We switched to Bukkit once that updated, then to Spigot a bit later. Today we run the latest Spigot (the 1 Oct binary patch of build #1649) and have 80 slots, though we have HW enough for 2-300, and weekends can peak over 60 players online at any one time.

The server has a main Survival world with Towny enabled, and both End and Nether are accessible. We also have a Creative world with PlotMe where players can build whatever and plan their survival builds. No griefing or theft is allowed anywhere (and we have plugins both for preventing and dealing with such), PvP is only enabled in arenas, and inventory/exp is not dropped upon death. The server chat and community in general has been called “interesting” and “special” by people who aren’t quite ordinary themselves. Not to worry, though: the players are nice, and the staff is fair.

If you’d like to give it a try, the MC server subdomain can be found on the website, or you can piece it together from this post by adding 2 and 2 together. :wink:

I guess this is still allowed… so take a look here:

I run a spigot 1.7.10 server Bungee, hub and Towny. Creative, survival and a few small games. Been running this server for about 4-5 yrs now. Started as a server just for my kids and I. Eventually my oldest daughter wanted to open it up for friends from school to play with her on there. Now we hold anywhere from 25-60 slots around 40 plugins. We keep it friendly since a lot of children play on it and some of us are families who want profanity and racist free.

Server is kinda quiet now since everyone wants the 1.8 stuff.

check out the website . Project in rework.


You’re all welcome to join us on GeekyServers!

The server IP: Can be found on our website below or by clicking my avatar!

We’re planning, well - I’m planning to switching over to Sponge once it’s all sorted out. GeekyServers is a fun, family friendly and non-linear Minecraft gaming server with so many options that it’ll raise the bar on what you’re used to seeing and expect from a Minecraft server. We do not limit our players to any single activity. The possibilities are endless and there are so many things to do! What are you waiting for? Join us, you won’t regret it!

We strive to be the best! You are never stuck doing any single activity. We’ve created different types of worlds to fulfill the wide array of play styles that are possible in Minecraft. For instance, if you want to PVP/Raid, you can. If you want to play in Creative Mode, you can. If you want to play Survival, you can! We’ve even got a “Vanilla” world! You are not limited at all on our servers. Once you’re done with one thing, you can take a break and do something completely different. The possibilities are endless!

We separate our worlds, so it’s like having multiple servers all-in-one!

  • Survival
  • Space World Survival
  • Multiplayer Vanilla Minecraft
  • PVP / Raid
  • Factions
  • Creative
  • Skyblock
  • The Walls
  • PVP Arenas (Spleef, King of the Hills, Conquest, Free-For-All, Team Death Match, Hunger Games Space, etc.)
  • Fishing Tournaments
  • Parkour
  • And so much more…

We’re also constantly adding plugins, updating and creating new ways to keep our players busy and having fun! Above and beyond everything mentioned, our server is also family friendly! We keep peace on our servers and avoid drama, disallow cursing, abusive and offensive chatter whenever possible.

Just about the only thing missing from our server is YOU! So come on in and experience a server unlike any other, you won’t regret it.

Was my b1.7.3 server for a few days, but it simply didn’t get enough traffic, so I took b1.7.3 down.
That means, the server is free again → I put up 1.8

Take it as a hang-out server, or build groups, or fight.
This is true anarchy.

I’ll most probably keep the server up to date, on the latest snapshots.

Also, if you have suggestions what version/mod to run on the server, tell me. It’s pretty much idling right now.

Question: What does everyone run their servers on, hardware-wise?

Why not create a new thread? This is just for posting servers, and it should stay like that, as we’re not allowed to post our servers elsewhere :wink:

I run a server called Redstoner. It’s main focus is - you guessed it - redstone. :smiley:

Short summary:
It’s a Creative mode server,
mods / cheats are allowed,
the main world is a Plot world but we’ve also got a Freebuild world.
The community is mostly friendly and helpful to each other.
We generally focus on Redstone, but you’re free to build anything else.
No skills are required to join, you’re welcome to learn!
We’re continuously writing new custom plugins that improve the general experience.
We’re very open about permissions and try to give out as many as possible.
That does include WorldEdit access, as well as anything you ask for, as long as we can ensure no harm can be done with the permission in question.


There you go: New thread here.


I help run a server called Mikeland, an Australian hosted Minecraft gaming community, which has been around for a really long time. We’re the server that was griefed by Team Avolition two years ago and we’re still around! :smile: (Minecraft Griefing - Mikeland Survival - YouTube)

Our server is about to be updated to allow 1.8 clients to connect (within a day or two), and has the following features:

— Survival (Grief, Raid, PVP, etc)
— Creative
— PvE (No PvP)
— Skywars
— Random Competitions
— Parkour
— 200 slots (can be increased)
— And more! We’re always adding new features!

We always love company and suggestions on how to make the server better :smile:

You can visit us at and you can find our IP by visiting the website!

We’re really looking forward to when Sponge comes out, so we’re really appreciative of all the work that’s being put into this project.



Almura. Been around for over 3 years. We only allow folks who are running the Spoutcraft client available here:


This is probably the most customized server you will ever find and I challenge you to prove me wrong.

We utilize some of the following plugins:

  • Essentials
  • Residence
  • Dynmap
  • SpoutcraftPlugin
  • mmoMinecraft Suite (all of them).
  • Aqualock
  • AutoFurnace
  • EnoughItemsAlready
  • More Furnaces
  • Jobs
  • Sprout (Our Custom Farming Plugin)
  • TrainCarts
  • Transporter
    and another 50 smaller plugins.

We also appear on the public server list within Spoutcraft itself.

Check us out, friendly atmosphere.


You guys are basically a representation of Spout.

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Executive Administrator @

Though, I help look after all networked servers and occasionally the forums.
What can be found within the networked server:

  • Factions
  • Skyblock
  • Hunger Games (Not completed)
  • Spleg (Not completed)
  • KitPvp
  • CopsnRobbers
  • Parkour
  • Creative