Project Portals

And you downloaded SpongeForge 1045 from this site?

(via the mod button)

+dropped the jar into the mods folder of the server? If yes, then it must load.

If it doesn’T work, can you try to setup a testserver with Forge+Sponge only, but without other plugins or mods?

Before I updated i used spongeforge 1.8 - 3.0.0-BETA-1000 and it didn’t worked.
I updated to 1.8 - 3.1.0-BETA-1045 and it still doesn’t work.
Yes, i downloaded it from the site you linked. And yes, copied it in the mods folder of my server.
Maybe this screenshot might help you. I’ve seen the console got something bout SpongeForge, but I don’t understand what because I don’t know much (or anything) about Java.

Pastebin the server log.

Sorry, but how? Since the server fully started all these log I posted in the screenshot is gone.

they’re in the log directory

Side note, seeing as this is not a PJP issue, You should create a new thread here

You’ll probably get more help

Alright, everything done. Created a new thread there.
Thank you anways.
Hope I can use your plugin soon. :weary:

Is there support to teleport Portal To Portal?

Not really, but you could easily set the spawn point of one portal near the location of another.

The random teleport puts people underground at times


Yeah that’s a problem with Sponge. It’s not very good about checking safe locations.

Hey @TrenTech,

Unfortunatly I had to uninstall you’re PJP and PJW :frowning:
I found that I was having too many command conflicts between you’re plugins and @HassanS6000 's essentialcmds. Mainly things like /home /warp /back /world ect. Commands would not work for either plugin even with the correct permissions assigned.

It was a tough choice between the two as you both have features I like. Maybe colab? :slightly_smiling:

Or more focus on multiworld controls such as per world spawn control, per world inventory, per world enderchests, ect.

I do really like the custom portal aspect with both custom frames and items that can be used! I would love to incorporate that into my server!

I will continue to lurk and test :wink:

Do the command aliases not work? Also you could do /pjw:world and /pjp:home

You can use the Sponge global.conf and assign what plugin you’d like to use for specific commands, and will have no more issues. Here is the info on the docs.


That is amazing… Sponge>Bukkit! <3

Like damn I read that in the docs and it didn’t even dawn on me. I will be using both now :smiley:


How would you format that? Docs are still lacking explanations or examples. I’m assuming it’s the

commands {
aliases {}

Also how do I determine the plugin id?

does it work with wooden buttons too? it would be cool to have an archery course and when they hit the target they get teleported to another world.

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All buttons, all pressure plates, all doors

even when they are shot by an arrow? or triggered by a fishing rod or something?

I have no idea. Probably not…but now I’m curious

If you could add that, that would be incredible