SpongeForge won't get loaded

So I bothered TrenTech about his ProjectPortals Plugin won’t work on my server.
With TzK’s help i realized that sponge isn’t even getting loaded.
I’m new to owning a server, installing plugins and using Java, so don’t mind.
I have no clue why it isn’t loading.

I’m using “forge-1.8-” and “spongeforge-1.8-1577-3.1.0-BETA-1045”
forgeessentials-1.8- also running on it.

Yes, i downloaded SpongeForge from spongeforge and yes, it is in the mods folder of my server.

Server is running on Ubuntu 14.04

Here the latest Serverlog.

Don’t expect too much from me. Imma little noob.

You need to update Java to 1.8

Please use a text hosting service like Pastebin or Gist so we don’t have to be wary of clicking that link which is reported as a “Privacy error” in Chrome:

You have to update your JRE version. Sponge needs at least java 8u40 to work. You can download new java version here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html

[19:44:14] [main/INFO] [STDERR/]: [java.lang.Throwable$WrappedPrintStream:println:748]: java.lang.RuntimeException: We have detected that you are JRE version 1.7.0_91, which is out of date!
In order to run Sponge, you **must** be running JRE version 1.8.0_40 (or above).
Previous builds of JRE version 1.8 will not work with Sponge.

Also I would recommend using PasteBin.com next time. It’s a trusted site.

I now updated Java.
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_66-b17)
Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.66-b17, mixed mode)”
It’s still the same. Still sayin’ it’s an unknown command when I type /sponge version ingame.

And sorry, I didn’t know PasteBin. Updated my first Post and added the new Log there aswell.

Here the latest log

Sponge has moved to 1.8.9 - there will be no further updates for 1.8.0.

In order to use Sponge, you’ll need to download the latest (1.8.9) Sponge, with the proper 1.8.9 Forge version.

I avoided updating to 1.8.9 because there isn’t a ForgeEssentials for 1.8.9 yet.
Shouldn’t it work anyways? Everything is compatible. Or is THIS the reason it’s not working? Cause it’s not 1.8.9?

There’s no particular reason why that specific build of Sponge shouldn’t work, as long as you’re using the proper corresponding Forge version. However, we can’t offer any support for bugs, as those will be fixed in newer builds.

After testing, forgeessentials prevents SpongeForge’s loading with your (supposed) setup and generally, 1.8 mods shouldn’t work with Forge 1.8.9

Really? Gonna test that later or tommorow. Thanks for noting.

That’s why he used Forge 1577 (1.8) and SpongeForge 1048 (1.8) together woth ForgeEssentails 1.8 :wink:

There were incompatibilities between FE and Sponge in the past, however these got sorted out.

got they sorted out with 1.8.9 ? or should they already work together in 1.8 and my issue is still unsolved ?
didn’t tested it yet but I thought my problem lays in the compability of FE and Sponge.

You’re using an older version of ForgeEssentials, try the latest - http://ci.forgeessentials.com/job/FE-1.8/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/build/libs/

There were some issues with version differences regarding dependencies, namely the H2 database library FE and Sponge use. However FE updated theirs back in september. Everything should work fine (hopefully…)

Can I just replace the .jars in the mods folder or should I remove everything from FE on my server? Even if I do, I’m sure there will be some leftovers.

I’d try to setup a testserver (for ex. locally) and put SpongeForge + FE there. If it works, i’d try to replace the FE.jar on your server. If this doesn’t work i’d try to delete the leftovers.

Well, I wanted to test this whole thing with all the newest versions of my mods/plugins/whatever on a local server.
So I updated Forge for my PC, because it wasn’t uptodate. I installed the newest 1577.
Dropped the newest FE and SF into my mods folder.
Also updated my Java, because it wasn’t uptodate aswell, Sponge told me while starting the game.
So I updated to the newest Java but it kept tellin’ me I’m using an older build of 1.8 (25) which Sponge can’t run with. Had to be 40 or higher. I checked my Java version on the official homepage and it was 72.
So in the patcher I saw it was still usin’ the older Forge version. Checked the profile and saw that I could change it there.
In the settings below I saw Minecraft uses the path to an older version of Java. In some Minecraft directory?
(\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\javaw.exe). I changed it to the actual directory from Java itself but after hitting “Play” it crashed without any log. Just a blanked white screen in it.
Theeeeen I thought maybe it might work if I simply copy the folder of the newest version into that directory. Buuut after that it crashed again, but gave me this crashreport.

See here

Did I anything wrong with this newest Java update thingy or what is it now? -_-

Edit: If I let it use this path to the old Java build the game works fine again. But not like how I wanted to be.
Edit2: Oh, and yeah. I restarted my PC already.

Are you using your client to run SpongeForge and forgeessentials?

If it is, use a local server because you shouldn’t modify this version normally, it is a custom one of Mojang.

Don’t forget to uninstall all outdated versions of Java, this can be source of the problem.