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Thank you for your reply

I’m sorry
I forgot to write more details.

[ Introduction Mod ]
Projectcore - 7.1.0-0.2.2
Projectportals - 7.1.0-0.15.0
Projectworlds - 7.1.0-0.12.2
Spongeforge - 1.12.2 - 2611-7.1.0-beta-2931
Pixelmongenerators - 1.12.2-2.2.1 - Universal

There are times when success is made or fail.
This time, we create a 4x5 quadrillion portal using the “packed_ice”.

I tried an old version.


However, both did not have the answer after the command input.
Nothing is output to the server console.


I tried it again.
projectportals - 7.1.0 - 14.3

In the past, I thought that there was no reply after inputting the command.
I tried with just the "/portal create " command and succeeded.
However, arguments such as -b -f -c can not be used.

Since there is a “/portal destination” command, you can change the destination.
However, because there is no “/portal direction” command, it can not turn.

It is cumbersome to re-create by executing “/portal remove” command.
I am troubled.

Where is the data file of each portal?
I am happy if I can change the setting from the data file of the portal.


I had to switch back to projectportals-7.0.0-0.14.1


I tried various things, but I decided to use 7.1.0 - 0.14.3.
I appreciate your actions :blush:
Thank you very much!:+1:


Particles disappear? I can set them and they work fine. They are gone after server restart.

Any insight?


I am a little confused on how to use this plugin. I used /portal create [name] [world] I got message that it took and to build frame and use /portal save. Do I use world edit to select around the area for portal? Then use /portal save is the an example or a tutorial/wiki I am missing?


I wanted to add I am using BungeeCord and trying to use portals to access other servers.


Hi, do you have any tutorial video ?

idk how is working <.<


I made one, quality is not what I expected :zipper_mouth_face:

(FR subs included)


Merci l’ami ! Galère total mais ces good now !


Nevermind i see “ProjectCore” is needed which i know i didn’t have, likely the source of my errors


Any possibility on adding velocity support?


I just updated to spongevanilla-1.12.2-7.1.4 and to make it work I use projectcore-7.1.0-0.3.0 and projectportals-7.1.0-0.14.3

Great job on ingame help !


I’m having some trouble with the /warp command. I enable it in the config, and start up my server but it says “Unknown Command”. I’m using latest release of pjp pjc and sponge. Any info would be awesome!