ProjectWorlds - Multi world management plugin


Hey, i need helps for a Customized world.
I dont understand the commands or files, i need a world with a custom


Everytime I create a world using the biomesofplenty generator option no trees or shrubs spawn except grass in all the biomes! Need help.



Just wanted to note that under “Commands” in your wiki, you have listed that “/world delete” is the command to delete worlds. I tried this and quickly realized that the correct command is “/world remove”. Just a heads up to update the wiki :slight_smile:

Also, I wanted to ask about the --commandsAllowed flag. If I do not use it when creating a world, does this mean that commands will not be allowed? When I check /world properties, I am unable to see if --commandsAllowed is true or false (I may be misunderstanding something here but any light you can shed on this would be lovely).

Thanks for your help,



Fixed the wiki, Thanks for the heads up

–commandsAllowed enables commands to be run in the world as the name suggests.

I’ve just pushed an update in the dev branch that shows this in the properties view as well.


Would you be able to make it so that each overworld could have it’s own, independent nether? Or perhaps this is already something possible?
Like, can I connect the world “Echo” to nether “EchoNether” and world “Twilight” to nether “TwilightNether”? So that when someone makes a new portal in either Echo or Twilight that it connects to the appropriate nether?

Thank you for considering the request.


How can I translate your plugin?


Hello, I dunno if I’m missing something but it seems this plugin is overriding Nucleus’ first spawn mechanic and sending new players to the main spawn instead. Is there a setting that I have missed? If it’s a bug could it be fixed from this end? I have tried changing the Nucleus config to force the first spawn location but it doesn’t seem to help in my testing.




No problem! And thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve recently updated to add the ability to turn off first join mechanics in the config. Update to latest dev build, launch the game and you should see a new node in config.


I’m still working on this. There is a gamerule setting for this but it doesn’t fully work at them moment. So far it will teleport players to the assigned world, but it is not generating the return portal like it’s suppose to. Working on it though.


I see. So if I wanted to keep Nucleus mechanics and disable the new feature in this plugin, would it work if I simply set ‘first join world = none’ in the config file? By default it is set to ‘world’, and doing some quick testing of this change this seems to work, although it’d be great if you can confirm that this is how it is intended to work.


Thank you kindly for responding and for all the work you do.
Do you know if using the portal-agents line in world config would do what I am looking to do? I just heard this might be a solution but not sure.
Good luck and hope the work goes smoothly on it!


Yes that should work.


download the latest development build and set "options -> first_join -> enable to false


Ah, I see the option now. Thanks!