[Request] JSON API for server / command + feedback via http

Edit : Here is a great plugin similar to JSON API :

Hi there,

I used to have JSONAPI by AlecGeorge on my server :slight_smile:

It was convenient to send command on the server or to get current amount of money of a player.

I mainly used it to manage lands (buy, sell, rent) and banks (faction, interest) through the website.

To sumup what would be great :

  • json format to send command
  • json format for feedback
  • manipulate, set & get things as :
    • Blocks (location, name, light level)
    • Signs (text)
    • Chests (content)
    • Players (hearts, food, xp, inventory, echest)
    • Server (list, plugins, motd)

Hope someone will like the idea !

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So I found these 2 topics :


Second one looks like the perfect plugin I was looking for :smiley:

Edit : still missing some methods

So there has been two interesting projects since I made this topic :

I still don’t set the topic as solved while I am not sure of which one will be the “good one”.