Server will not start when adding Sponge

I am trying to create a direwolfe20 1.10.2 server.

I have started the server locally on my windows machine and all is good.

I shut down server and downloaded sponge

DW20 version: FTBserver-1.10.2-

Sponge version I used: spongeforge-1.10.2-2123-6.0.0-BETA-1878.jar

I placed spongeforge into the mods directory and I get this error:

applied energistics (appeng) isn’t compatible, remove it and you should be good.

One thing you could try is to launch the server using the SpongeBootstrap I made, see here:

(you will need to rename the FTBserver .jar to have the phrase “forge” i.e. forge-1.10.2- for the bootstrap to pick up the server)

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Thank You all for the reply. I disabled AE2 and it came right up.

As far as boostrapper, will that allow AE2 to work?

@tmoflash I tried it yesterday and (after fixing it) it worked

There’s a fork which got patched to allow AE2 to run alongside Sponge:
Direct DL

@Tzk how do I run along side sponge. I downloaded the files, do I place the jar file in the Mods directory?

it should work like this:

  • download the patched AE2 build

  • replace the old AE2 build with the patched build inside the modpack

  • download SpongeForge

  • place SpongeForge into the /mods/ folder

  • start the server

  • Profit!!!

Is there a patched version for the newer version? (appliedenergistics2-rv4-alpha-6)

I can’t find one anywhere.

in my case even if i remove the [email protected] jar fro modes folder, because the WORLD has some AE2 items, now many but some, I get errors

is there a clean method to remove the AE2 items fro mthe existing world, as I cannot loose the WORLD as its an existing multiplayer WORLD

open to ideas, thanks

existing v1,2,2 world no spongeforge,
Want to use spongeforge, happy to do without AE2 as RS is better

Use this:

whats that got to do with AE2 blocks and items in the world before and after the AE2 mod is removed from the mod folder?

“use this” is far too vague, kindly please elaborate.

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If you READ it… it forces sponge to be the initial mod that gets loaded, so it allows AE to be in the mod list without preventing it from loading.

You follow the directions exactly, and it will allow your sponge based server WITH AE, to boot.

Happy New year :stuck_out_tongue:

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