💀 XtraPunish [v2.0] [API 4.0]


XtraPunish is a punishmental plugin designed for use by server admins against their players and/or other server staff members. There are several commands built into XtraPunish to meet these needs.

For example, using XtraPunish, you may burn your players:

Or perhaps have them plunge to their deaths:

There are several commands which support /punish undo [command]. This will undo any damage that may have occurred due to the use of the command. All commands suffixed with ‘Supports undo.’ will support this feature. For example, this is after the use of /punish explode [player] and then /punish undo explode:

All damage is reverted to the state at which the area was prior to using the command /punish explode [player].

With a wide array of commands at your disposal

there are many sure things to keep you busy.

:wrench: Links

:hammer: Commands
The main command for XtraPunish is /punish, or its aliases, /xtra and /xtrapunish.

/punish broadcast [broadcast] - Broadcasts a message to the server non-stop!
/punish stop-broadcast - Stops the broadcast.
/punish help - Display’s this help list!
/punish anvil [player] - Drops three anvils on a player! Supports undo.
/punish trap [player] - Encases a player in bedrock! Supports undo.
/punish bounceexplode [player] - Bounces a player with an explosion!
/punish burn [player] [-a] - Sets a player on fire. Supports undo.
/punish spam [player] - Fills a player’s chat with randomly generated charactors.
/punish chatstop - Stops spamming a player.
/punish cobweb [player] - Spawns cobwebs around a player. Supports undo.
/punish creeper [player] - Spawns a charged creeper on the player. Supports undo.
/punish drop [player] - Drops a player from the sky.
/punish explode [player] - Creates an explosion on a player! Supports undo.
/punish glass [player] - Teleports a player into the sky and places them on a glass block. Supports undo.
/punish horde [player] - Spawns a horde of creepers onto the player! Supports undo.
/punish starve [player] - Sets a player’s hunger to zero! Supports undo.
/punish popular [player] - Teleports all players in a server to the specified player. Supports undo.
/punish sponge [player] - Sets everything in a player’s inventory to sponge. Supports undo.
/punish strike [player] - Strikes a player with lightning.
/punish stuck [player] - Prevents a player from moving.
/punish unstuck [player] - Unfreezes a player, allowing them to move once more.
/punish undo [command] - Undoes any damage caused by a specified command.
/punish version - Displays the current version running among other information.

:closed_lock_with_key: Permissions


If you have any ideas or suggestions for new punishments/features, post them in this thread, or as an issue on github. If you experience any errors while running XtraPunish, please post the sponge version used and any available server logs. Always make sure you are running the latest version of XtraPunish.

This plugin uses Updatifier for easy update checking. Install it on your server to be notified of any new updates.


Lightning strike?

You should add a Anvil that spawns on top of a player or multiple ones!

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/lightning is in vanilla I believe, although I may add something that targets a specific player.
Edit: I’m thinking of EssentialCmds. I guess if you wanted lightning strikes on a player, you could use that plugin.

Really really late edit:
It’s now a part of XtraPunish.

Cool idea, I’ll see if I can get it in the next update.

Yeah that’s what I meant. I think bukkit essentials had a similar command.

I got another cruel thing.

Maybe to have cobwebs all around them and then after the player gets out the cobweb disappear?

Creeper hallucinations!

Release 1.1 is here! Get it while it’s still warm:


  • Added /punish anvil [Player] - Spawns three anvils on a player.
  • Added /punish horde [Player] - Spawns a horde of creepers onto the player.
  • Added /punish cobweb [Player] - Traps a player in cobwebs. When a player exits the cobwebs, the cobwebs will disappear!
  • Minor fixes

xtrapunish.anvil xtrapunish.horde xtrapunish.cobweb

Release 1.1.2 runs out from its dark cave, into the unknown wilderness.


  • Added Updatifier support
  • Minor bug fixes

If you have any ideas for new punishments, do post below.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an overused joke? No, it’s Release 1.2.


  • Added /punish drop <player> - This will teleport a player very high into the air and let them drop to their doom.
  • Fixed a lot of the return messages to follow a consistent format.
  • Added /punish version - This will display the current version running among other information.
  • Minor bug and backend fixes.

Hurry children, get inside the bunker. Release 1.3 is upon us.


  • Added /punish strike <player> - Strikes a player with lightning.
  • Added /punish glass <player> - Teleports a player high into the sky and onto a glass block.
  • Added /punish popular <player> - Teleports every player on a server to the specified player.
  • XtraPunish now uses pagination for its help list (/punish help).
  • Block restoration has been added for /punish cobweb <player>. Rather than setting the cobwebs into air, they now will restore back to their previous state.
  • Minor backend changes

Through the deserts, marches onward Release 1.4, to its true goal.


  • Added /punish sponge <player> - Sets everything in a player’s inventory to sponge.
  • Added a new flag for /punish burn <player>, you may now replace <player> with -a to target all players on a server.
  • Major backend changes.

I should really start writing these down… Release 1.5.


  • Updated to SpongeAPI 4.0
  • Added /punish bounce-explode <player>. This will ‘bounce’ the player into the air with a small explosion.
  • Backend changes
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@12AwsomeMan34 I love your cruel plugin

Can you make a standalone Broadcast plugin? With giving users the choice of how long before repeating? That would be a extremely usefull plugin and i believe none are on sponge yet.

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There’s SimpleChat, which I believe has auto-broadcasting. Although if there was a demand for a standalone plugin, then it wouldn’t be too hard to do.

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I could very much use this as well, any other broadcast plugin I’ve used hasn’t been right for me.

Yes it does. I do understand though that some people would prefer something standalone. I’m considering doing this in the future but currently I’m taking a break from development.

You could also use a command scheduler plugin as well to accomplish this.


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Love the plugin!
Only “complaints” would be to make anvils drop from a higher height so that it kills the user in one hit and blocks used for these punishment commands do not go away after use. You are left with bedrock casings, cobwebs, anvils all over the world due to this.

An undo command is certainly possible. I’ll look into adding it in the near future.
As for the anvils, I was a littler worried that if they were too high, the user could escape their range before they landed. I suppose it’s something to look into as well. Thanks for the feedback.

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