[Soaked Up #3] An Interview with The_Doctors_Life, and more!

#If you by chance missed the stream, check it out here.

Today’s Topics:

  • Interview with The_Doctors_Life
  • State of Sponge Livestream
  • This Week’s Question
  • Last Week’s Question Results

Interview with The_Doctors_Life

How did you come to Sponge? When did you?
I joined the sponge forums after hearing about it on Spigot on September 14, 2014 @ 10:34PM EST

What’s the story behind your username?
Back when I first started playing Minecraft late 2013 I played on a server network called “Pika.” It was a fun Dutch/English server with nice people, it was cracked. On that server I came on as The_Doctor based off my favorite TV series Doctor Who. When it came Christmas I got $30 and went and spent it in game stop on a Minecraft gift code. When I started to register my name I found that it was taken so I added s_life. And registered Minecraft under the name The_Doctors_Life. Back then I was still very new-ish and didn’t know to much.

Are you really a coder? If so, what else do you do other than being a coder?
I can’t really code anything more than websites right now. I have started on a replacement for Enjin but at some point I’ll have to learn java to make a plugin for servers to integrate it better. More information will be available later on, I’ll have a post on Sponge regarding it.

Who/what is your most prominent inspiration?
Way back when, my inspiration came from a Youtuber known as “StampyLongNose.”

What brought you to the Minecraft community? You seem to have started pretty late (1.7.2). Any reasons?
See above.

How well do you think Sponge will clean up the mess Bukkit spilled?
By absorbing it, of course silly.

Do you pine for a purple puppy?

Thank you for your time @The_Doctors_Life!
And also a thank you to @IronManDoesMC for #2 and #3’s questions!

:triangular_flag_on_post: State of Sponge Livestream :triangular_flag_on_post:

Lots of questions were asked and most of them were answered! Lets take a look at some!

How will Sponge deal with paid plugins?
All transactions must be dealt with outside of any Sponge-owned site.

If there is a Forge mod on the server that must be on the client, will the player be able to join without the mod?
Its a mod says that it can run on just the server, then the client will not need that mod on their client.

Will there be protocol hack versions of the implementation?
For right now, the answer is no.

There was talk of an Entity Component System, but it was said to be too much work for the first release. Is there still a plan to use ECS in the future?
Its something that we want to do, but its not a priority or a focus for right now.

What sort of focus is there on performance? Any major or interesting plans in regards to its performance?
We do want to strive to add performance benefits with Sponge being installed on your Forge Server. We do speak to the Spigot guys, and we do, when it comes to performance, all try to work together to find the best fixes for things.

Will events be handled the same as they were with Bukkit?
Issues with fighting is something you’re always gonna have, with the way priorities have to work in general.

:question: This Week’s Question :question:

What’s your favorite color?
Reply down below!

:exclamation: Last Week’s Question Results :exclamation:

September 10th - 3 (@12AwsomeMan34, @simon816, @jkmalan)
September 11th - 3 (@BitByte, @boformer, @Inscrutable)
September 12th - 1 (@Lemonous)
September 14th - 2 (@The_Doctors_Life, @TBotV63)
September 16th - 1 (@DotDash)
September 17th - 2 (@Obby, @kuro_chou)
September 18th - 1 (@5tingr4y)
September 24th - 1 (@TuxGamer)
October 5th - 1 (@WetSponge)
October 6th - 1 (@Dannyps)

Looks like mostly everyone joined around the same time!

Check back every Saturday/Sunday for a new edition!



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Look in the FAQ section of this thread to find out how to subscribe.

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One of my fav colors is rgb(0, 120, 255) which makes a medium blue…

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3 People on Semptember the 10th? Coincidences!

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