[Soaked Up #8] An Interview with BitByte, and more!

Today’s Topics:

  • An Interview with BitByte
  • Setting Up Sponge in your IDE
  • Quote of the Week
  • Question of the Week

An Interview with BitByte

How and Why did you come to Sponge, instead of other alternatives?
I came to sponge mainly because it was the most promising option, and had the largest amount of support as well as being developed around very well known developers.

What’s the idea behind your username?
This is kinda a tough one, as there isn’t really much of a story behind it. I more or less started calling myself BitByte after I got bored of BitcoderMC (which was the name i was planning on getting before I changed my mind). Either way the name stuck and I kept it.

What made you start programming?
I started programming because I in the past ran a private bukkit server (over hamachi… yes I was a noob) the server had a variety of interesting plugins (most of which I can’t remember and likely ceased development). It interested me on how they were able to do so many cool and complicated things so I went on to learn how to code in java and bukkit.

What’s the story about BitByte.exe?
The story behind BitByte.exe started more as a joke in the Corrupt-A-Wish thread if I remember correctly. Although after other people started using it I guess it became it’s own form of inside joke or meme.

Who inspires you the most?
Hm… for this I probably will have to say EDM music. I usually sit down and listen to some of it so I can get some ideas for what I want to make (I’m getting back into EDM production as well, but that’s another story in itself.) It also gives me a change to take a break from coding if I get stressed out and don’t have a good solution to a bug.

What’s your favorite Operating Cookie (OC)?
I don’t think I’ve ever seen that term before… :trollface:

Give your feedback on this video.
Rick roll link detected, attempting to annihilate… BitByte.exe has stopped working…

Thank you for your time @BitByte!

:page_facing_up: Setting Up Sponge in your IDE :page_facing_up:

@gabizou was nice enough to provide a video tutorial for IntelliJ IDEA users on How to Import Sponge to IntelliJ:

The video itself might be approximately 3 minutes, but it will take longer because of setting up your DecompWorkspace (varies depending on how fast your computer runs).

:speech_balloon: Quote of the Week :speech_balloon:

:question: Question of the Week :question:

What is your favorite song, out of all others?
Reply down below!

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What is your favorite song, out of all others?

My favorite song would probably be whichever one is my favorite song at the time… :trollface:


Very interesting stuff here! Thanks @BitByte and @DotDash! Am I the only one who finds your names similar? I event confuse you at times…

Anyway, about the favourite song, I don’t have one. Sorry :blush:

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It’s funny, when I think of sponge I think of @DotDash and @BitByte. Kind of weird huh? My favorite song, ‘Four Seasons: Winter’ by Vivaldi or "Symphony No. 9 ‘From the New World’ "

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Idk. I pretty much eat listen to anything. No favourite song there :stuck_out_tongue:
A nice read as always :stuck_out_tongue: My subscription is really worth every cent!

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As always, I’m there to find a thread with the same question :trollface:

Shouldve started reading sponge stuff much earlier.

I cant figure out whats going on with this thread.

Meh, lets answer the topic:

Blue Room by Lecture - YouTube

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Right now,

“Virtual is where we live” - Approaching Nirvana & TryhardNinja

It might be because both of our names have 2 parts, and both parts are the same length and have the same start letters. (Dot-Dash: Both parts start with D, first part is 3 letters, second is 4, total length 7 letters. This is the same for my name except the parts of my name start with B).

Things generally never make sense when I’m in a thread… :trollface:


Yeah, I could write an essay on why I find your names similar, but I don’t think it would be worth the effort :smile:


Nice Post as always. Love @BitByte 's answer to all the questions.

Anyway my particular answer to this weeks question is Jupiter Bringer of Jollity by Gustav Holst (although Vivaldi’s summer brings a close second, and Hans Zimmer’s Sacred pool of tears for Kung Fu panda is tear jearking).


They dun famous eh? :trollface:
Vivaldi is a good choice.

Ma new fave is
Yiruma - River Flows In You
No Spotify link, it only let me copy the album for some reason o_o

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do VGMs count?
Kirby Triple Deluxe - Moonstruck Blossom (vs Sectonia Form 2) is mine then

Breathe Electric - Dreamin’

stares at intellij video
sits at laptop with eclipse
cries internally

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U jelly? :trollface: #IntelliJMasterRace

oh myyyyyy… :trollface:

Sounds like you could use an upgrade

Dubstep<lol no, fuck off stupid char limit

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How’s this flagged?

I don’t know either.

Yeah that’s a bit (wink wink get it) weird…

/me makes dank translation of this post

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