Some questions about sponge

Hello, I just have a few questions about Sponge, I think it may be easiest to put them in bullet points, by the way I do own a server and I’m just curious about sponge :slight_smile:

  • Will sponge function to server admins in the same way Bukkit did? Such as the way the files are layed out, with a plugins folder ect.
  • Will we find Sponge similar to Bukkit?
  • I don’t understand what is meant by ‘built on forge’. Will this mean we will. I longer have ‘plugins’ and now have ‘mods’ in thier place.
  • I take it you won’t have to have forge installed on your client to access the server.
  • Will the server be run the same way as Bukkit with the .jar file or will we have to install sponge in the same way as forge?

Thanks! I really hope to start using Sponge once it’s ready for normal use :smiley:

  1. Thats is TBD mostly but it should be pretty similar
  2. Not really. The API has changed drastically on the programming side and sponge is a forge based coremod rather than a standalone server
  3. It is a mod for the forge platform itself, there will be a mod and plugins folder most likely but if you have any client side mods in the mods folder the clients can’t connect unless they install forge and that mod.
  4. The 1.8 version of forge will not require a modded client, sponge will be built against that.
  5. Install forge like you install forge, then install sponge as a coremod. Thats the way it is now, it may change.

This is the way things are AFAIK and all of this is subject to change.