💬 Discord Bridge 2.4.0 (aka SpongeDiscord)


Looks like it’s a know issue between SpongeForge and Applied Energetics 2


Sponge and AE2 don’t work together…this is a known bug but won’t be fixed in a while you will just need to disable AE2 or Sponge


My server has been crashing at least 3 or 4 times in between scheduled restarts. Removed Discord Bridge and no issues since.

SpongeCoremod (spongeforge-1.10.2-2171-5.1.0-BETA-1961.jar)


Is there any crash log?


Yes it’s in the same post?

As well as this one after updating to the newest version of discord bridge last night.



So many coremods, most likely one of them messes up one class. Not something I can fix though.


I doubt it but alright.

I’ll find an alternative method


The first thing to try removing should be ChickenBone’s mods, which are generally extremely hacky for no reason


Thanks for the suggestion but the pack is fine the way I’ve designed it. I work our server around the pack not the other way around we will just deal without the discord tie in. I’m sure there is something else out there.


Hey there, im amungst the people with the spam issue, of connecting > reconnectiong.

I monitored my linux box’s active connections (for more reason’s than this.) and noticed, whenever it opens a connection to discord, its doing so on:,, and

Ususally 2 at a time with one eventually closing. This is while running one bot from one server on multicraft.

My question is why it needs two connections to two IP address’ using the same port at a time, and would cloudflair interfere with it, (as connections to the ip from the browser at least are blocked.)

could be some info that might help, who knows

To Note: I’m still using 2.1.0 as i have a specific update procedure I go through before i push anything to my live server.


how did you make the bot combine all of its messages? when i use it; it puts each message on seperate lines in discord.


I don’t understand the problem. Each message sends at different time, so it will be at several lines. The lines will be merged into a block if they are from the same author. If you want it in another format, please elaborate more on your requirement.


really? on my discord chat it doesnt look like they merged into a block

Its def all on separate lines, was wondering if there was more to it or something had to be done on my end to get it looking like the pixelbot


Yep that is problem with your Discord client. You can check with other people on that same channel on what they see.


Hello Hy, and thank you for writing an amazing app!

I have followed all of the readme files and compiled version 2.2.0 successfully. I input the bot token, 18 digit channel ID, and invite code (not the whole URL just the code) But it still says it cannot join the channel and I have no idea why. I have attached the log starting at the point the server loads the DiscordBridge plugin. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

[06:36:07] [Server thread/INFO] [discordbridge]: /discord command registered.
[06:36:07] [Server thread/INFO] [discordbridge]: Logging in to bot Discord account…
[06:36:08] [pool-7-thread-1/DEBUG] [ImplDiscordAPI]: Requesting gateway (token: ************************************************************NHM)
[06:36:08] [Server thread/INFO] [DedicatedServer]: Done (1.897s)! For help, type “help” or “?”
[06:36:08] [Server thread/INFO] [DedicatedServer]: Starting remote control listener
[06:36:08] [RCON Listener #1/INFO] [MinecraftServer]: RCON running on
[06:36:08] [Server thread/DEBUG] [mixin]: Mixing status.MixinServerStatusResponsePlayers from mixins.common.core.json into net.minecraft.network.ServerStatusResponse$Players
[06:36:08] [Server thread/TRACE] [mixin]: Added class metadata for org/spongepowered/api/network/status/StatusResponse$Players to metadata cache
[06:36:08] [pool-7-thread-1/DEBUG] [ImplDiscordAPI]: Requested gateway wss://gateway.discord.gg (token: ************************************************************NHM)
[06:36:09] [ReadingThread/DEBUG] [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Sending connect packet
[06:36:09] [ReadingThread/DEBUG] [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Received READY-packet!
[06:36:09] [ReadingThread/DEBUG] [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Updating status (game: none, idle: false)
[06:36:11] [Websocket/DEBUG] [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Updating status (game: Minecraft, idle: false)
[06:36:11] [Websocket/INFO] [discordbridge]: Bot account Minecraft will be used for all unauthenticated users!
[06:36:11] [Websocket/ERROR] [discordbridge]: Channel ID 206634860117360641 cannot be found! Please make sure the channel ID is correct and the bot has read & write permission for the channel.


Right there ^. Did you follow all steps in the Getting Started, including adding the bot to your server?


Great plugin! Lovin the bridge!


Hello a question, is there a fix for these errors/spam?

[16:13:01] [WritingThread/INFO] [de.btobastian.javacord.utils.DiscordWebsocketAd
apter]: Websocket closed with reason Session is no longer valid. and code 4006 b
y server
[16:13:01] [WritingThread/INFO] [de.btobastian.javacord.utils.DiscordWebsocketAd
apter]: Trying to auto-reconnect...
[16:13:01] [WritingThread/INFO] [de.btobastian.javacord.utils.DiscordWebsocketAd
apter]: Websocket closed with reason Session is no longer valid. and code 4006 b
y server
[16:13:01] [WritingThread/INFO] [de.btobastian.javacord.utils.DiscordWebsocketAd
apter]: Trying to auto-reconnect...


its a known issue and the update should be out soon and that spam will go away :slight_smile:


Alright splendid thank you very much sir.
Any idea when he would release it, as he just released the 2.2.0 version…