Sponge Status Update - 3rd May 2015

Whoo! The last two weeks have been insane! Since our last update - April 18th - We’ve had a new State of Sponge, an official release of the Sponge dev builds, a new staff addition, as well as SpongeAPI 2.0. Now, that’s a lot to take in. So strap down, and read our highlights below! Enjoy.

Sponge Dev Builds, API Revision 2

If you haven’t already heard, we released Development Builds of the Sponge Forge Implementation last weekend and Revision 2 of Sponge API two weeks previously. For those who haven’t already seen it, the thread is linked below.

General Update

While it’s been possible to clone and build Sponge for months now - and even though you could access the download page for at least a few weeks - with the official release and endorsement of the Sponge dev builds, came a torrent of plugin related development questions and releases. So many releases, in fact, that we needed to create a separate forum just for them!

WIP Plugin Subforum
Plugin Releases Subforum

PermissionsEx v2.0 released by @zml. Easily the most popular permissions plugin to have ever graced the Minecraft community, @zml has completed re-coded it from the ground-up to be compatible with sponge.

CraftBook 4 released by @me4502. Again, one of the most popular plugins to have hit Minecraft with a storm, @me4502 has made CraftBook 4 compatible with Sponge. Test it out and enjoy!

Of course, while this isn’t exactly a plugin release, we would be remiss if we didn’t focus our attention, at last, at one of the most ingenious listing utilities in… quite a while. The topic titles it a “Pagination Experiment”, @mmonkey created a video which demonstrates it extremely well.

@me4502 has also created a tutorial video for installing the Sponge (Forge) Implementation, if you’re feeling stuck with the installation, take a look at it.:

SpongeDocs Status

New implementation is being added constantly, and as it does we need Docs detailing the new features. Preferably without delaying development :wink: So if you have a good walk-through code example the Docs can use, please submit it on git. TL/DR: Send help please.
A more detailed update of SpongeDocs Status is pinned in the SpongeDocs Subforum


Despite several technical issues with Twitch, we were able to start our stream, and what a stream it was. After months of hard work, we released Dev Builds of our Forge Implementation, which seemed to be very well received. We also discussed a wide range of topics, from API progress to AbrarSyed’s oblivious discussion. If you haven’t already seen the stream, check it out here:

New Staff Member - FerusGrim

Hey! You guys probably know about me, already. I’m no stranger to this community to be sure. But, even if you’ve seen me around the forums, most of you probably don’t actually “know” me. Let me go ahead and rectify that a bit, right here.

My name is Nick. I acquired the “Ferus” nickname a few years ago in a roleplaying game. I’m twenty-one, though not for much longer. I have a little guy who’ll be two this year. His name is Nick Jr. Poor kid, looks just like me. I’ve been apart of the Minecraft community since late twenty-ten. I guess I’ve always sort of gravitated towards the forums, interacting with the community and whatnot.

Anyways, I was fairly active in the Bukkit community, and was in the IRC when EvilSeph gave the bold statement that Bukkit was over. The rest is history, but I was there for the castle to crumble. Out of that flaming inferno, came Sponge. I’ve been with Sponge nearly since the beginning, a part of the community. It was with an outstanding sense of gratitude and appreciation that I accepted this position as moderator. <3

Minecon 2015

As many of you are no doubt aware, Mojang has finally opened up panel submissions, so despite us sending in an application a month ago, we will have to resubmit our application on the new form with a video. We are aiming to have our application prepared and sent off by Monday (4th). Applications do not close until the 15th of May, which means that we likely will not see a response until late May. We have also added LexManos of Forge to our panel line-up, that is, assuming he can get a passport first. :wink:

If you’d like to help sponsor the development of Sponge, you can donate to our Patreon, we appreciate any help that you’re willing to provide.


Fantastic update, and congrats to a very good friend of mine @FerusGrim on his position. Heres to hope sponge gets a panel.


Thanks for the kind words! I hope to implement pagination into the API before 3.0 release! :slight_smile:

Congrats to @FerusGrim!


Awesome! keep it going

The Sponge development and community seems really lively recently which is a great news for all of us. Good job people!

Lot of cool stuff happening here, congrats @FerusGrim and good work @mmonkey!

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Congrats to you @FerusGrim (who I found out was staff before hand when he let it slip he had access to the staff forums)

When did I say that? o.o

It was the PM earlier.

congrats @FerusGrim

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Where the hell in that PM did I mention that I could see the staff chat? lol

From that PM :wink:

While this is great and all…
Don’t EVER post private messages publicly without asking the author for permission :wink:

If you did that all is fine.

Ah, yes. I did slip up. I hadn’t realized you had noticed before I edited it.

I just happened to have the PM open when you replied.

great work guys. Can not wait for the next API update and everything it brings to the table.