Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #12

In the beginning, there was only darkness. Then there was breakfast, and then there was

Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #12

Rejoice and cavort, O Spongineers and multitudes, for the auspicious renaming of SpongeForge is finally here (remember Quiz #1?) Now let us cast our eyes, telescopes and crystal balls toward the future, and talk about what might be, as well as what was. Here are this week’s questions three:

  1. Minecraft 1.9 will have dual-wield and shield slots, what (ab)uses might they might be put to, and how?
    This new feature will eventually be addressed by the SpongeAPI, when the time comes. What would you want it to do, and how might it best be implemented?

  2. Which part of the API has been changed most often?
    Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Comet strikes, all pale in comparison to the scale of changes wrought on Sponge. What bit of SpongeAPI has changed the most times since its’ inception?

  3. What segments would you like to see in the next State of Sponge?
    SoS is a public address that we try to match with audience expectations, whilst relaying the latest information about the state of SpongeAPI and its’ implementations. Which bits do you find most useful, entertaining, or compelling? What should we do next time?

All opinions and comments are welcome, and if you like you can always revisit the previous Quiz #11 and before. Sponge continues to shine like a burning bat in the dark sky, and I have no idea where that metaphor was going. Until next time, may you not stub your toes on the doors of perception.

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  1. I am not sure how the inventory system API will exactly look like since I have less time exploring the repo than before.
  2. Events. I am fine with (big) changes, as long as the API is still not officially released. Breaking plugins now is better than later.
  3. I think you all made a great job covering everything.
  1. Off the top of my head, all I can think of is a vanilla version of a certain mod (I can’t remember the name) which adds a torch-placing pickaxe, and similar operations.
  2. The Data API. I like it, except for the fact that it’s complex to implement and that plugin developers have to make assumptions when creating new items.
  3. I’d like to know what particular tasks developers contributing to Sponge should help with.
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I believe that’s Tinkers’ Construct.

I was actually thinking of a different mod, but you get my point.

Pixelmon, places torches, and turn water/lava to obsidian are the 3 are on different elemental tools, it’s entirely possible someone else had the idea before me though :stuck_out_tongue: