Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #13

The Witching Hour approaches, as we open the Crypt of the

Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #13

Appropriately arriving on the auspicious occasion of All-Hallows Eve, this spectral edition of the Quiz brings a brief bundle of weird probings into the dark, to animate the brains of our followers. Brains, brains, brains, brains, …

  1. Whats your use-case for the Inventory API?
    The imminent arrival of Inventory means many new things will be possible with Sponge. What delightfully wicked plans do you have for it?

  2. Do YOU have what it takes to write Sponge Docs?
    We are always seeking new contributors to join our shadowy society, particularly those with a good grasp of Java and MC modding. If you think you know enough to explain SpongeAPI to newcomers, come browse our Help Wanted list, and take a stab at a PR.

  3. Could a mod / plugin / mixin be made to improve bug-tracking in Sponge?
    Sponge already has an optional feature for mob-activation-range, is it possible to do something similar with server timings / bug-tracking / more verbose crash reports?

Enough. You may detach the electrodes now, the creature is awake :see_no_evil:
Here is last week’s Quiz #12 which could still use some feedback from anyone inclined to opine. Once again, this draws our Spongy Theatre of the Macabre to a close, Fare Well ye travelers, mind you don’t lose your way in these dark and foggy streets… or the FLARD may find you.

  1. Finally modify the inventory of a chest for survival games.
  2. No. I can’t even spell correctly in my own language (dutch (ahum flemish)).
  3. Server timings mixin yeah. But I don’t really understand the bug-tracking feature? You mean that it would spam (ddos) all the crashes to some kinda remote service?
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  1. Inventory events are already in master and firing wonderfully. Only thing left is @Mumfrey’s work with manipulating on demand. So its mostly there and I’ll use it for Backpack

  2. Generally the boss man doesn’t write docs…that aside, I’m terrible at docs.

  3. We’ve got Aikar’s timings which show us where to work on performance wise. zml has a PR that generates error reports cleaner: Improve error message when plugin load error occurs · Issue #323 · SpongePowered/SpongeForge · GitHub. Best thing that an be done is getting people to use the product and we’ll fix bugs as they arise.


Provide fine-tuned control of the stack sizes dispensed by dispensers and droppers, allowing to blast out full stacks at once.

No, but don’t tell the rest of the Staff. I think I fooled them for now.

I actually doubt that can be done by a plugin. Haven’t thought about the possibilities of other approaches.


There are a number of options on how bugtracking could work, and one is exactly that, similar to Minecraft’s Hopper. I doubt very much we’d want to do something quite that intensive, but there are lesser options, such as linking to a site to facilitate making your own bug report, etc. There are probably many more things that could be done, and more ideas are welcome.

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Allow players to use an inventory gui to run commands.

Same but i’m french. Maybe in future I will help to translate.
A mixin which improve bug-tracking and crash reports should be nice.
Maybe we can add an optional feature to send crashs to something like crashs.spongepowered.org

It’s harder for a plugin to change a game’s mechanic if an API (part of SpongeAPI) was not written on this mechanic. Plugins can’t directly use mixin.

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  1. I would use the inventory API for custom GUIs.
  2. I’ll help fix errors when I need to, but usually I just look at the API/implementation source.
  3. Maybe, as long as there’s a configurable option to not upload crashes.
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  1. Gimme a backpack! :wink:

  2. Well… looks at the docs I don’t think so :stuck_out_tongue: However: volunteers more than welocome!

  3. it doesn’t need to be a plugin or mod, but some better phrased exceptions and crash messages would be great.

  1. There’d be a few… I would probably use it for inventory based menu systems if I had the time to code…
  2. I can’t explain things for the life of me. So yeh.
  3. There is potential, but the best way of finding and reporting bugs is still an active userbase.
  1. I can finally finish porting my two most popular bukkit plugins as well as experiment with some other ideas I have.

  2. I nearly lost a job over poor documentation so no.

  3. No comment

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As a matter of interest: approx. when do you plan to release the inventory api

When it’s finished.

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if you can’t give a decent answer to a legit question then I suggest you don’t give one at all …

This mostly is the official answer, no ETA on inventory atm, sorry.
Afaik some inventory events are already working, we’re getting there :wink:

It may not be a decent answer in your opinion but it is legit. The plan is to release it when it’s complete. As with many things on this project, there is no ETA. We want everything finished nicely and in good working order, not timely.

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Thanks @Tzk, was just wondering since it’s been talked about a lot

Some Parts of the Inventory API have already been implemented, but there are quiet a few bits yet to be completed, and then we have to check it didn’t break anything. Sorry we can’t give you any ETA - there was quite a debate to even give an ETA for Beta release. If there’s anything in particular you’re in a hurry for, you can always ask on #spongedev.
FYI, Saladoc is merely quoting our Overlords, who have issued that exact phrase on many an occasion when asked about delivery dates. I’m sure there is no intention to be rude or flippant, providing ETAs just seems to give many developers the horrors. YMMV.

ETA’s are for jobs. Know body needs that pressure here

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