Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #14

Gather thy fruits and berries, for it is the season to traipse merrily around the

Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #14

Greetings again, and welcome to the interrogation that never ends, the Quiz that endeavors to shovel through the spam and screens-full of random code, to set light to things we think need lit. This evening our excavations have unearthed some ideas for exploration, as always, and we appreciate any feedback you might offer.

  1. What features are a must-have for Ore, the in-dev Sponge plugin repository?
    Not quite ready for the big-time, it will soon be a showcase of what SpongeAPI can do.

  2. Have you encountered strange errors that aren’t on our new Server Debugging page?
    Join the Wacky Sponge Error Search. Post a snippet of your weirdest error/crash :slight_smile:

  3. Can you find any forum posts that contain or link to outdated resources?
    As declared by a recent Announcement, there is an ongoing purge of outdated Forum materials to minimise confusion. Ancient and crusty documents can be reported here

Thanks for wending your way this far, and may Sponge bring a smile to your shoveling. More digging into the past may also uncover the old Docs Quiz #13, but beware of unearthing horrors from the hollow.

DISCLAIMER: I hereby disclaim all responsibility for this disclaimer.


Some things I’d like to see, maybe not “must haves” as such:

  • Version tagging (eg development vs release), but that looks like it’s already being done
  • Automatic upload - for example, using maven or gradle to upload a resource to Ore, or perhaps something akin to a CI to watch a repository
  • Update notifications - similar to BukGet, inform servers of new plugin versions automatically
  • Linking to plugin dependencies
  1. There are a lot! Things I would like to see is top plugins section(I think it is WIP), downloads statistic, a link with GitHub(for bug trackers, source code and wiki), and a markdown supported plugin description.
  2. Other than errors in my code, none yet!
  3. Ok sure!
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  1. An absolute must have, in my opinion, is a fully functional web API with version tagging, such that auto-updating would be excessively easy.
  2. Other than unimplemented material, I have encountered:
  3. Odd floating peonies in my imported world (that break regardless of my event cancellations, and persist in their existence after re-logging, no error thrown)
  4. Some strange behaviors with events, that I guess I’m just doing wrong
  5. Other than my own API that I ‘released,’ and then promptly deleted, no, I haven’t seen any.
  1. Apart from what’s already been said, I’d like to have a built-in Maven repository.
  2. Nope.
  3. Nope.