Sponge Docs Pop Quiz #15

Unleashed from the burgeoning vault of enquiry, here comes the

Sponge Docs Quiz #15

We’re always interested in what the community has to say, although the clamor of virtual voices is more confused by changes in topic than by drowning out in the din. So here there are three hand-selected topics for consideration and debate, each addressing starkly different issues. Let us hear what you think, so that we may deliberate with greater clarity.

  1. What can you do with the Artificial Intelligence API in Sponge?
    Artificial Intelligence, even better than the real thing. This is a new direction for SpongeAPI, and it would be useful to gauge interest in this developing feature, and assess its possibilities and limitations.

  2. What’s the best policy for dealing with posts bloated by long files?
    Occasionally, bug posts contain long server.log or plugin config files, which (unless contained in spoiler tags, or hosted via offsite links) can clutter threads and make the forums hard to read. Should we ask users to report these posts so they can be edited appropriately? Are there other solutions?

  3. What can SpongeForge do that wasn’t possible with Cauldron?
    The SpongeForge implementation is in many respects a successor for Cauldron, written to run more efficiently and enable new things (at least, with less hacking). The implementation is still maturing, but it works. So, have you been able to do things that just weren’t possible before?

We stand on the foundations of previous monuments; way back in the before-time, there was Docs Quiz #14. Soon the abandoned, guano-encrusted ruins of this very edifice shall form the base of a newer structure, and so it shall go on… Until then, stay @ it.

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  1. AI makes human dumber. Smart Plugins - Dumb Humans…
  2. Like how the forum downloads a local copy of the image, it will automatically detect logs and errors and put them in spoilers.
  3. It allows us to listen on events which we couldn’t prevent before. I cannot wait to see what people will do with all those events.
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  1. No comment

  2. Server logs would be better posted on pastebin or similar, configs and class files on gist or similar.

  3. Have a better chance of detecting forge mod events if mod actually fires one. Haven’t had a lot of chances to test other things yet. Hopefully be better about handling items with custom attributes for example tconstruct tools.

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  1. Being able to combine vanilla and custom AI. (Custom AI was still possible before the AI API via repeating tasks.)
  2. Same as simon816’s comment.
  3. Ever seen Zidane’s video on “Taming Thaumcraft’s Magic”?
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  1. Minecraft the Musical - zombies suddenly congregate under a full moon and break out into a coordinated dance routine like in Thriller; gangs of wolves and sheep dance-fight…

  2. Defer to wiser comments from everyone else

  3. Having the Cause with events allows for very rapid filtering of event triggers to find specific events to act on or cancel. I envision in theory a way to limit the amount of chain-reaction in a tnt explosion but still allow some ie “if tnt ignited by tnt which was ignited by tnt, then cancel”; to use internally within some plugins by specifying a cause instead of juggling involved hashmaps of players and block locations and such to iterate through comparing each time when trying to come up for a ‘exclude this event trigger if some process is currently in play’