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“I don’t need math! I’ll just make videogames when I grow up!”

  • Every non-programmer everywhere


wat, Of course u can program without math, it’s just frustratingly hard.


If you’re programming without using any sort of math* you’re not doing it correctly. Or you’re just making ridiculously simple programs.

*‘Any sort of math’ not including simple addition and subtraction.


wat, I made a calculator without math :trollface:


…Source code?


import calculator from math :trollface:

import os
print("Loading calculator...")
print("Calculator done loading.")



What does that do? I’m not that familiar with Python.


Lol… So if you put this into a file (call it calc.py) and run it with python (# python calc.py), it will import the standard library os module, print loading calculator to standard out, open a program named exactly “calculator” if it is installed and registered with your system (cross platform), and then print calculator done loading to standard output.


From src:


When you want to get it on with your guy/girl, make sure he/she installs PEX before proceeding with hooking the classes.


This is the worst joke of all-time. You could have at least capitalized on the Permission_Sex_. Lame. <3


Worst joke? You clearly havent seen my ID jokes. I told @chrisgward plenty of them.


It may not be your worst joke, but its still pretty bad…


I was ganna tell you guys a joke about UDP… But you might not get it.



Damn it. Didn’t find it through the firefox search function…


flips hair back and fills cup with starbucks coffee-- I mean java :wink: