Sponge Should Have a GUI

Sponge should run with a java window like the minecraft_server.jar.


if certain server owners don’t have a Web Panel then its easy for them to monitor RAM
and CPU usage as well as the Average Tick Count (I think)

Im not too sure if it would be useful because a lot of plugins have a /lag, /tps or /debug command in-game.


That’s not what he means. The original minecraft_server.jar has an option to launch as a gui console rather than the normal console. It’s the same thing than the console but it shows CPU, RAM usage, etc.

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No, it will not implement the minecraft_server.jar source because of all that legal stuff with Bukkit, I mean the server should have a similar GUI that the minecraft_server.jar has instead of a Cmd/Terminal Window it could have its own window that looks like this:


Yeah, thats right

Forge has that GUI, so sponge will. Problem solved :smile:.

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Great, Im not too experienced with forge, only Bukkit

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Here it is, looks just like Vanillas; although it’s missing the Threading and Chunk cash infos, this could be corrected.

Could also due with some perdifying.

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Also, There Should Be Colour support for things like Prefixes, Suffixes, Warnings, Broadcast, etc.

The Bukkit Console/Terminal window implements colour.

And Why This?

[12:33:37] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer] : Loading properties

Surely the Sponge Team could condense it to:

[12:33:37] [Server thread/INFO] [Sponge] : Loading properties

Sponge is mainly a mod for forge that provide server api’s for plugins.
You can think of it as a core mod.

Providing a gui for console and such would not be done through the plugin. It would be done through forge.

Well then the forge GUI could due with some perdifying. I’ll poke around with that on the forge forums.

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With the new logger all the classes that use System.out.println("Loading properties"); will use their class name as identifier. Also their is no reason for Sponge to change that name, because sponge isn’t loading the config file, Minecraft is doing that :smile:.

Can they change the class name to something like Sponge.Main ?

See here: Some questions about sponge

rather than a gui, I’d be much more in favor of a web based interface on a localhost port. Thats one thing I’d like to implement in Foundation.


As long as it doesn’t intefear with hosting an actual website on the server box port 80, maybe even just a php page to add to an existing website hosted on the same box.

Admins can just install McMyAdmin, and a web panel handled by a plugin may be RAM Thirsty, Like Dynmap

Yea web servers being integrated as a plugin will get ram thirsty if not written correctly.

They can devour your ram very very easily. Been there… Done that…

This: http://www.mcmyadmin.com/ seams to be a peace of software, I was thinking just a php or even html with java script page that can be added to any web hosting program running on the same box. Perhapse even as a hiden/passworded page added to your existing servers website.

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Apparently McMyAdmin Uses About 15MB RAM at the least, i use it for managing multi-users

Nice. So its not too bad. The issues I ran into in the past was memory leaks primarily. Relating the the IO streams the server would handle.