Sponge Status Update - 22nd February 2015

State of Sponge (28/2/2015)

Due to the success of the last State of Sponge, we’re planning on making it a reccuring event, on the last Saturday (GMT) of each month. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, the SoS allows us to let you, the community, ask us the questions you want answered. We will also be talking about the progress that has been made on Sponge and our other projects. If you have a question you’d like answered, you can post it in this thread, or you can tweet the question to us on either to our account @SpongePowered and/or using the hashtag #StateOfSponge

You can join our the livestream at Twitch
We will be broadcasting at 9PM GMT on Saturday 28 February, you can find your local time here: Every Time Zone: time zone converter, compare time zone difference and find best time for a meeting with one click

If you missed our last SoS, you can check it out here:

Sponge Progress


The Sponge API has been steaming on, with major additions being merged into master. With the inventory API being recently pulled, the API is more comprehensive than ever.


Continued work on the implementation has been done. As for implementing events, we plan on getting as many of our events into Forge as possible, to provide further compatibility with mods.


Basics of the LLC - name, doing business as “Sponge Powered”
Goal for 2015: (1) Collect donations to help support sending 2-3 Sponge developers to conference/convention in the next year. (2) Donate a sum to Forge and 2-3 other major Plugin developers for Sponge (3) Acquire sponsorship of 4-5 new Sponsors (4) Develop merchandise for users (Tee-shirts, toys, figures, etc…) .
LLC is run by three of the staff of SpongePowered (Zidane, Owexz and Sibomots) currently.
Money is controlled by LLC members. 2/3rd vote of LLC members to disperse funds.
Bylaws of LLC are written and allow for the growth of the LLC over time.
Internal goals for next few weeks: Integrate the web sites for spongepowered.org and spongepowered-foundation.org. Update bio’s for web site for the LLC founders and members to become familiar with.
LLC near term homework: Assign leads for 2-3 new groups to take on the challenges for our 2015 goals.
Questions? (please email them ahead of time to [email protected])


What we’ve done:

CrowdIn migration (from Transifex - now mothballed)
New Staff member - Tyrannokapi, and kodfod & hawtre are back

What we need to do:

Seek input from Core Devs for “Sponge Development - Best Practice" guide
Ask them to spill beans on future plans, reasons for dev decisions and avoiding pitfalls, future proofing etc. - wax lyrical, and stuff good formatting. This is about future proofing sponge development itself.
Get developers to write Plugins Best Practice Guide
Get people to finish some of the other Plugin development pages
Suggestions for more pages to fill knowledge gaps

State of Spongie

At present, we are deciding upon a new SpongePowered logo, though progress on this is limited.
We’ve been working on a new Spongie Mascot (made in vector art form), which we should hopefully be able to unveil at the State of Sponge!


spongie <3


Totally thought it was a misspelling, till I read it through more carefully. Cannot wait to meet the new mascot!


Aw, it’s on a Saturday D:

Can’t wait for the mascot and logo :smiley:

Can we get a preview of spongie the spongepowered sponge? :trollface:


We’ve changed our Twitch account, be sure to follow our new Twitch channel here: http://www.twitch.tv/SpongePowered


please get better mics or post-process the audio after the stream. pleeaaassse

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Can’t wait :smiley:


If anyone has any questions for the State of Sponge, please post them or let us know, the more questions asked, the more answers that we can give! :wink:

Can I have a biscuit? :cookie:

@TBotV63 No. :trollface:

@Owexz regarding the state of sponge, will there be another server open for the community to test out and stuff?


Looking forward to the SoS.
Never thought I’d say that… :joy:

Yes, we will have a test server running with the most recently available stable build.


lol like that’ll actually happen. Think about last time ;).

Of course. :trollface:

:trollface: server got rekt IMO :trollface:


I’d like to see cause chaining and event callbacks discussed some in the State of Sponge, they seem really powerful if used correctly and I would like to know more about how they are planned to be used, or if vanilla will even have separate callbacks for differing behaviour.

The other thing I’m excited about is the new inventory API, but that was pretty detailed on the github pull request.

Persistence/serialization/configs also seems to be coming along well, maybe some input into that?

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You can tell us something about:

  • Databases. (I prefer sqlite because it works with no installation) Any helper classes like in Android? http://developer.android.com/reference/android/database/sqlite/SQLiteOpenHelper.html “A helper class to manage database creation and version management.”
  • Libraries of other developers. (eg. Money system, that could be implemented by other plugins) How to avoid monopolies, so not only one money system is supported by a plugin? Maybe any standard? I have no idea if this is possible.

Add automatic subtitles for better perception.